February 2017

I have soooo many great books to share with you for the Month of Love!!

Just a special note…some of these are iBooks pre-orders and will be updated with the Amazon link as soon as it becomes available.

There is also a new trend of authors not wanting to offer pre-orders so what that means for me and you is we need to stay vigilant with our browsing. This page will be updated daily with all the new links and buy  @oppotunities. 

I set this one up a little different due to so many missing order chances. So I gave you the TBR list link for Goodreads.


This month is full of amazing books! Preston’s Honor, Sex Says, Mack Daddy, Singe, Fake Fiancée, The Cad & the Co-Ed, Raine’s Haven….all Witchy Rec Reads!




My rec reads for this week are:

Singe, Fake Fiancée, & Something Like VooDoo!









Mack Daddy is some of Penelope’s best works and my

Read of the Week this week!












Preston’s Honor is positively EPIC! 10 STARS Read of the Week!























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