Weekend Review 1/23 – 1/29

Another great week to be a reader! 


AL Jackson’s Stay was an beautifully devasting read! Wonderfully written and just so very moving. Causing a huge case of the feels!

5 Witchy Stars!

WOW! I just an such an emotional mess right now. These words were so beautiful. This is the first AL Jackson book I have read and her words are so moving. The way she shows us emotions…you just can’t help but FEEL them, live them, breath them. 

Ash, such a broken, broken man hiding behind a devil may care attitude. 
Willow so very sweet in her despair and strength. 

Paths that were meant to cross, destined by fate. A twist you just won’t see until it reaches out from these pages and slaps you in the face. 

Ash’s determination to make Willow see her strength and build her character. Willow’s hope for him to just Stay!

I don’t know the men of Sunder but I now know Ash and he was epic. 
“He stretched his arms out to the sides, and I swore the intricate web of tattoos was singing all his songs. Songs I felt almost desperate to know the words to. Those colors tugged and pulled against the hulking muscle, his shirt so tight, just as tight as his jeans and every inch of his toned body.” —> so very hot, so very light on the outside and dark on the in. Erotic and giving.

Just a book you need to feel! 

Kendall Ryan gave us Cannon Roth….just the name is amazing. A light, fun read.

3.5 Witchy Stars


You seriously gotta love the geek to hottie type of read! BFF’s little brother is no longer that geeky smart kid that used to follow you around…now he is a doctor in training with ripples everywhere and a reputation for attracting psychos who want to burn him to the ground. 
Cannon Roth is the ultimate in ego plus sweet. Paige is the sister’s BFF who didn’t realize he had turned into such a hottie. But could sleeping with him really make you wild enough to go bat crap crazy….her wager is no. 
A very sweet, adorable read with very mild angst, a very witchy sister and some serious steam. The slightly older woman and the boy turned to man that she just can’t resist. No one should be that hot in a pair of scrubs! Cannon and Paige’s story is the perfect rainy day read that will leave you with the warm and fuzzies! 

















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