A Final Look at the EPIC month of February 2017! Many, many reads that you don’t want to miss & a GIVEAWAY!

WOW, WOW, WOW this month has been HUGE!   Make sure you scroll all the way to end to get in on a great GIVEAWAY! Some of my favorite books this month were Preston's Honor, Sex Says, Mack Daddy, Singe, Fake Fiancée, The Cad & the Co-Ed, Raine's Haven, Cheater, Mister Wrong, Don't Speak and... Continue Reading →


February 2017

I have soooo many great books to share with you for the Month of Love!! Just a special note...some of these are iBooks pre-orders and will be updated with the Amazon link as soon as it becomes available. There is also a new trend of authors not wanting to offer pre-orders so what that means... Continue Reading →

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