Sales, Free Reads and New …oh my! Check out THIS weekend review!

Goody, goody gumdrops....we’re in the heart of summer and the beachy sunning yourself reads are rockin’ the book world right now!  From swoony sweet feels to grab your tissues to laughing until your ribs hurt...there’s a little bit of something for everyone out there right now!   Let’s take a look at this week July... Continue Reading →


Not So Wicked by Billie Dale is LIVE everywhere!

Eeep! Gang my fifth release is LIVE EVERYWHERE today!   Most know the story of Maleficent...she was the evil Queen who cursed Aurora to sleep for eternity...THIS IS NOT THAT STORY! Mallory F’Cent is bumbling and awkward with only one real friend and a crazy as h-e-double hockey sticks helicopter Mom. Oh and that best... Continue Reading →


Eeep!!! LIVE EARLY ON AMAZON ALERT!!!! THIS stellar new read from Billie Dale is LIVE a day early on the Zon! A hilarious fairytale adventure full of witty fun and schmexy steam! OMG! I love this book! Crazy funny!   Not So Wicked A Maleficent Inspired Fairytale Fantasy Paranormal Romantic Comedy Stand-Alone By Billie Dale... Continue Reading →

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