October 2017

Over 100 NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH! October gave us an EPIC explosion of great reads! Serioulsy, I know there were a ton more than this. I found some of my best reads of the year this month! From action packed, mind blowing drama to swoony love and hot lust, all the way to wonderful paranormal.... Continue Reading →

August 2017

 Here in the Witchy Household August means it BACK TO SCHOOL time! It's a little surreal doing the happy Mom dance this year as my oldest daughter spawn begins her senior year. So my happy dance is laced with sadness. Anywho...let's look back at the EPIC month of August.             Why should you read these... Continue Reading →

July 2017

Here's is what I have read and LOVED this month! This month rocked with emotional reads! Heart-wrenching, edge of your seat reads that just rock you to your core! The Best Duet on the planet is The Darkest Duet by Aly Martinez, I swear to you it is the best thing I have ever read!... Continue Reading →

February 2017

I have soooo many great books to share with you for the Month of Love!! Just a special note...some of these are iBooks pre-orders and will be updated with the Amazon link as soon as it becomes available. There is also a new trend of authors not wanting to offer pre-orders so what that means... Continue Reading →

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