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The Bunny is Coming (The Holidays #4)

Sam and Noel have had more than their share of mishaps since they met, and are starting to wonder if they might be jinxed around the holidays. But what could possibly go wrong during a beautiful celebration like Easter, when spring is in the air, eggs need to be colored, baskets have to be filled, and cute little bunny decorations need a home? With this family – EVERYTHING.


Join Sam, Noel, Reggie, Bev, Scheva, Alex and everyone’s favorite Aunt Bobbie as the Holiday family hops into Easter in their usual, crazy fashion!






5 Witchy Stars of Batshit Crazy!

Short, sweet & completly nuts! This family is so completely disfunctional but their crazy makes for some laughs and WTF moments for us. Easter with Sam and Noel may never look the same for you again after reading this! 

The whole crew is here. Sam, Noel, Reggie, Bev, Scheva, Alex and everyone’s favorite Aunt Bobbie.

The heat and fun, the holiday shenanigans and some disturbing information about Easter eggs and Saran Wrap. 

A great Easter Adventure with the Stockings!


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