#OnTour with Tragic by Devney Perry

   Lark Cove is a place of serenity and healing. Devney has given us another journey to the marvelous town and another couple to love! Fun, flirty, some angst and great steam combine for a wonderful reading feast! I’m never a fan of a beard but on Kaine, I think I could adjust!    ... Continue Reading →


#OnTour with Badd Business by Jasinda Wilder

  Alaska has heated up once again with Remington Badd!!! I swear Jasinda writes some of the longest, hottest, erotic-ist, need new undies scenes! It’s like my ereader sprouts hands and sends me to la-la land of muscle bound, well hung men!! But it’s so much more than hot, the story and lives are  entrancing... Continue Reading →

#OnTour with Secrets by Aleatha Romig

    Aleatha weaves us a new world of twists, secrets and heat with this stellar trilogy starter! A wonderful beginning to the underbelly of corruption & sin! 4 Witchy Stars of Intrigued! A tangled web, a lifetime of questions and secrets and all the alpha you can handle...yes...Aleatha has delivered.  She’s stayed invisible...or so... Continue Reading →

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