Let’s see what greatness is at your fingertips this week! Witchy’s Weekend Review for 5/14 – 5/20


A great list of reads right at your fingertips! Another wonderful week to be a reader, of course every week is a great week to be a reader! Aleatha Romig showed us her light and funny side and Sara Wolf brought us a YA that will consume your brain! PLUS I would love to grab Mother Fluffer by Max Monroe, Man Servant by Shari J. Ryan and Sweet Surrender by Nina Lane! These books looks soooo great!

Make sure you scroll down for a look at some great sales!


I love her dark side. She really tests the limits of my sanity. Now she also is making me laugh myself out of my chair. Plus One is a great, light fun read with a side splitting family to fall in love with and two characters that will have you swooning! 

I had so much fun with this read. Kimbra is such a great leading lady with a family that will have you laughing until you cough. Duncan is one slice of seriously gorgeous man and though his priorities are somewhat skewed he makes a really fun ‘plus one’.

I love Aleatha’s dark side, how she can twist my mind and test my sanity but now she was able to make me smile and laugh. A really light, humorous trip to an wedding where a date is needed to please the family. Duncan takes his ‘plus one’ duties very seriously. Seeing is growth and evolution is wonderful. 

Mild angst, tons of steam, and lots of laughs. A read that will leave you with a goofy grin and a new man to add to your BBF list. The lighter side of Aleatha Romig will keep you page turning. 


I have a weakness for great YA read and Sara Wolf brought us a great one this week! Step away from all the steam and dive into a great angsty read full of some amazing teenagers!

As a blogger I read and read so very much. Most of what I read is hot and steam pouring off the page. When I take a step outside and read a YA it is one that grabs my like this book did. I fell in love with these characters. Their determination, their responsibility, there heart breaking destruction. So much carried by kids so very young. It is absolutely beautiful. 

Three brothers who have experienced an ultimate loss, each broken, each floundering. Beatrix, the girl with he mind set on a goal. I was completely addicted to each page. Sara wrote a truly hangover inducing story. 

Why only 4.5 stars if I loved it so much you ask? I needed more. My heart needed to know that these boys were going to be ok. That there future, hearts and minds were going to be mended. I need more resolution. The book was wonderful, magnificently beautiful in it’s character brokenness. I as the reader wanted more.

This is not your hearts and flowers kind of read. It’s not all sexed up and instalove. It’s teenagers trying to make the best of crappy situations. Dealing the only way their young minds know how to deal and carrying very mature burdens on their shoulders. I loved these boys! Each unique, each individual and Bee is the perfect person for their not so perfect lives. Proving once again that what looks pretty on outside is almost never pretty when you get inside.








(Prices accurate at time of posting)





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I have read Cheater and Sustained! Two highly recommended reads at an amazing steal price!


Cover Reveal for a great read coming from Lauren Blakely!

A ‘DO NOT MISS’ read from Mia Asher!

Cover Reveal for an amazing looking read coming from Meghan Quinn!

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