#CoverLove…oooh! Look at what is coming from Aleatha Romig!! Respect!

  OMG!!! SQUEEEE!!! LOOK AT THIS!! This cover...this blurb...holy shiznit!!!     Respect - An Infidelity Stand-alone Novel “The making of a man” Standing at what I believe is the precipice of my life, I, Oren Demetri, was too young to understand that it wasn’t and too old to imagine that it couldn’t be. The... Continue Reading →


Ripples by Aleatha Romig is LIVE NOW!

         You don’t have to read the Consequences series to enjoy this stand-alone novel, but if you know Tony Rawlings, you know that disappointing him isn’t an option. Imagine being his youngest daughter...imagine telling him the unimaginable... “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Sometimes ideas find you, and... Continue Reading →

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