Witchy Exclusive Cover Reveal – Ravyn by Billie Dale

THIS is my newest love! A thrill fest of mind twisting wowza! By the time you reach the end you might just need a good therapist of your own! LOL!



by Billie Dale

Release Day | July 19, 2019

Cover Created by Cybill Richey



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What she doesn’t remember might be what kills her.

Six months ago Coralyne James was found beaten and clinging to life alongside a desolate country road. Left with a rare form of amnesia, she now struggles through debilitating migraines, and nightmarish visions of a life she can’t recall. 

During a routine exam, Coralyne meets Dr. Maxwell Hough who is taking the medical world by storm with his breakthrough neurological treatments. Fascinated by Coralyne’s maladies, Dr. Hough invites her to be a part a medical trial held at his lab in Valdez, Alaska. Praying three months trapped in the deep snow surrounding Ravyn Manor will hold the key to easing her pain, Coralyne agrees. 

For reasons she can’t explain, walking the halls of the manor seems to cause ghostly recollections to claw at the edges of her mind. It’s as if they are leading her to… something. Following their haunting trail, she stumbles onto a series of recordings that reveal a horrifying truth about the respected doctor. 

As blocked memories finally break free, Coralyne is crippled by the fear she’ll never escape the horrors of the Ravyn’s nest.


About the Author:

Billie Dale lives in no-where middle earth. Lost in a small village in the Midwest with four kids, three animals and an amazing, word inspiring book boyfriend worthy husband.  

A blogger by nature and a writer because she got tired of arguing with the voices in her head. She loves and lives the words on the page, whether writing them or reading them her life is consumed by the worlds her head creates. 
Her greatest wish is that readers will fall in love with her words as much as she loves writing them and as much as she loves reading others. She loves to create new worlds to explore and loves to write words that will take root in you soul. 
Paranormal, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary — there is not one box she fits in. She’s a rebel in the author world who writes what her head tells her even it jumps from genre to genre.
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