Savaged by Mia Sheridan is one read you can’t miss!

New York Times Best Selling Author Mia Sheridan delivers it all with this NEW release! Anyone knows I’m an uber Mia fan and devour every delectable morsel that comes out of her brain but THIS…this is more. It’s tantalizing for the bored reader mind, uniquely refreshing and a totally engrossing page turner you’ll never want to end. 



Savaged is my best read of the year and I wish I could live the story over and over again with fresh eyes and new anticipation. Nothing compares to the feels, the rollercoaster of emotions and the sheer awesomeness of this book!



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When wilderness guide, Harper Ward, is summoned to the small town sheriff’s office in Helena Springs, Montana, to provide assistance on a case, she is shocked to find that their only suspect in the double murder investigation is a man described as a savage.

But the longer she watches the man known only as Lucas, on the station surveillance camera, the more intrigued she becomes. He certainly looks primitive with his unkempt appearance and animal skin attire, but she also sees intelligence in his eyes, sensitivity in his expression. Who is he? And how is it possible that he’s lived alone in the forest since he was a small child?

As secrets begin to emerge, Harper is thrust into something bigger and more diabolical than she ever could have imagined. And standing right at the center of it all, is Lucas. But is he truly the wild man he appears to be? A cold blooded killer? An innocent victim? Or a perplexing mix of all three?

Harper must find out the answers to these questions because the more time she spends with him, the more she risks losing her heart.




Gloriously breathtaking, riddled with survival and heart wrenchingly beautiful! 

It’s no secret Archer Hale reins supreme on the throne of my book boyfriend kingdom BUT Lucas is now the crowned Prince. 

You need to savor each delicious page. Chewing the morsels, allowing them to warm a path down to you heart before settling in your soul cause that is where the wildness thrives.

I’ve read and searched for another Archer yearning for his magnificence in every book so it’s no surprise Mia, the woman who created him, gave me another to adore, love and live. 

This book abounds with feels, heart and grips you so tight you hope it will never let go. Don’t go into the wild racing to the finish. Live the beauty, smell the air, allow it to break you and revel in Mia Sheridans astute creativity to deliver into our hands men we will never nor could ever forget. 

Gut wrenching, tear inducing, hold this boy close survival but the when the switch flips you will be amazed and awed. 

Applause, applause, standing ovation!




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