#OnTour with Nailed by Jasinda Wilder


Jasinda’s Dad Bod series is stand-alone reads where the men & women are over 40 living through the potholes life loves to throw. The real of divorce, single motherhood and picking up the destruction left by divorce combined with the fantasy of ripped but not perfect older men who definitely don’t need a little blue pill to take you to the stars! 

Older and whew baby do they know their way around a woman’s body! 



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4 Witchy Stars
A disfunctional relationship leaves emotional scars. This book hit me right where I used to live in marriage to a man who is bipolar. Picking up the pieces after is never easy but these two do it seamlessly and Ryder is that man every single mom dreams of finding.

The one who loves your kid, who is that one to show you love still exists and that not all men come with a barrage of mental issues. 

Fun and full of Jasinda’s trademark steam. A witty, second chance at love journey with great friends and even greater men, plus I’m still loving the fact that these characters are all hovering around 40!

RYDER: You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Laurel. And if that’s all of you I ever get to see, I’ll be the luckiest man in the world for having seen it.
I swallow hard. He wasn’t supposed to make it sweet. He was supposed to leave it dirty and inappropriate, so I could tell myself all he wanted was sex. That all he cared about was getting me naked, or if not that, then at least seeing me naked. 
Instead, he turned it sweet. 
And I couldn’t tell myself any lies to keep me on my high horse.

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