Not So Wicked by Billie Dale is LIVE everywhere!

Eeep! Gang my fifth release is LIVE EVERYWHERE today!


Most know the story of Maleficent…she was the evil Queen who cursed Aurora to sleep for eternity…THIS IS NOT THAT STORY!

Mallory F’Cent is bumbling and awkward with only one real friend and a crazy as h-e-double hockey sticks helicopter Mom. Oh and that best friend is Ursulette (you might know her as Ursula). There’s a new history teacher in town and Stefan’s sights are set on Mal. He’s all auburn hair, violet eyes, tattooed covered muscles and pumped full of secrets. Let the madness begin. Oodles of fairytale characters come out to play in this hilarious romantic comedy. 

You know the curse… well wait till you see my version!!! He’s all kinds of mystery, she’s ashamed of the horns on her head. Can they make it work?

What do you get when you cross a fairy with an ogre? You get Mallory! 


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My name’s Mallory F’Cent, and I’m always horny.

No, get your mind out of the gutter. Not THAT kind of horny. 

I’m talking about the horns on my head. It doesn’t matter how I try to disguise them with updo’s and headscarves; they’re two permanent, pointy reminders of my parentage – a feisty Fairy Godmother for a mom, and a towering ogre with poor impulse control for a dad.

I can’t help stand out even as I try desperately to blend in.

Then I go and turned into a Big Bad. 

Secrets leave my heart in tatters, and I turn the man I love from sexy stud into a sad sack.

And the worst part? 

Despite everything I’ve done to him, Stefan’s still willing to fight to find our Happy Ever After and he’s determined to prove there’s a halo held up by my horns!

Author’s Note: 
Not So Wicked is a full-length novel full of crazy fun.
Ever wonder what would happen if Maleficent and Ursula were best friends? Find out with this romantic comedy stand-alone. 

*Each book in the Fairytale Fantasy series can be read by itself.



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