#CoverLove for Not So Wicked by Billie Dale

EEEP!!! A hilarious, crazy fairytale adventure! You think you know the story of Maleficent but you’ve never seen her like this! A unique take on the stories we know with tons of laughs and fun! A perfect beachy read!



Not So Wicked

A Fairytale Fantasy Stand-Alone

Romantic Comedy with a little bit of magic!

By Billie Dale

Coming July 19, 2018

Cover provided by Ginger with HiddenGems



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My name’s Mallory F’Cent, and I’m always horny.

No, get your mind out of the gutter. Not THAT kind of horny. 

I’m talking about the horns on my head. It doesn’t matter how I try to disguise them with updo’s and headscarves; they’re two permanent, pointy reminders of my parentage – a feisty Fairy Godmother for a mom, and a towering ogre with poor impulse control for a dad.

I can’t help stand out even as I try desperately to blend in.

And now I’ve gone and turned into a Big Bad. 

My heart is in tatters, and I’ve turned the man I love from sexy stud into a sad sack.

And the worst part? 

Despite everything I’ve done to him, Stefan’s still willing to fight to find our Happy Ever After and he’s determined to prove there’s a halo held up by my horns!


Author’s Note: 
Not So Wicked is full length sexy fairytale. Ever wonder what would happen if Maleficent and Ursula were best friends? Find out with this romantic comedy stand-alone. 

*Each book in the Fairytale Fantasy series can be read by itself

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Exclusive Witchy Excerpt:

“NO, TURN IT THE OTHER way and put it in there,” Letty whispers, “Jesus, give it,” she huffs, reaching toward me.

“I know what I’m doing,” I grit through my clenched teeth pushing away her hands. 

“Stop rubbing it through there and put it in the slot, Mal,” she slaps, grabbing at my hand. “You need to slip it inside the little hole. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Would you give it already? We’re going to be late.” 

The lady behind the counter glares at me, her mouth pinched. If looks could kill, I would be six feet under. I hear the frustrated heaves of breath from the people in line behind me, but I will prevail. This stupid machine will not beat me. The aroma of coffee tempts me with its energy infusing promises; but until I get this right, the barista behind the counter is holding my sanity hostage. 

Stupid, surly bitch in an ugly green apron. 

When I think I have it figured out, a tanned forearm coated with bright colorful tattoos and a dress shirt sleeve rolled up, reaches between us. A flick of the hand holding his cellphone and with a small beep, he does what I’ve been trying to do for the past ten minutes. Pays for our coffee. 

My head turns to thank the Good Samaritan who saved me from chip reading machine hell. 

Hooo leee Shasta. 

The body attached to the arm combined with his face steals the oxygen from my lungs and freezes my words of gratitude on my tongue. 

I’m not sure where to feast my eyes first. He’s tall; I mean, “Hello, how’s the weather up there” tall. I stand five-foot-ten without shoes, and I must crane my neck to see his face. The face is the icing on the cake so let’s start lower. I follow the nice solid forearm up to the tight round bicep over the broad shoulder across the expanse of his tight chest. 

Uh, huh, YUM.



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