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4 Witchy Stars of Swoon!

It’s a pull yourself up and dust yourself off moment. When life kicks you in the shin you search for the nearest exit and the hottest escape. 

He may be the best goat saving, skunk whispering handy man this side of the globe with rippling everthing and panty melting swoon but hey …who really needs panties? 

Tons of smiles, laughs and fun. 

Toss out that stud finder cause he’s right here at your fingertips.



I disentangle myself from Jax’s strong arms and land on the floor with a plop. I freeze, hoping I didn’t wake him, and I’m reassured when I hear a soft snore. 


Thank God. I don’t think I can face him right now. I completely made a fool of myself. It was the wine. It was the Marvin Gaye. It was…


Hell, it was just him. No man has the right to look that fucking good when he’s washing skunk spray off his body in the ocean!


I snatch up my clothes and throw them on with haphazard care. With one last, regretful look at his physically perfect form on full display, I open the door and slide out, closing it with a soft snick. 


I’ve just made it downstairs in the dark, hoping to grab a glass of water, when I run smack into Mrs. C leaving the kitchen.


“Oh!” I stammer, stepping back.


“You got the big D didn’t you?” Her face is covered in some kind of green mask that smells faintly of cucumbers. Rufus, her parrot, studies me with beady eyes from his perch on her shoulder.


“What’s a D?”


“Don’t play coy with me. I may be sixty but I know a satisfied woman when I see one. I had that same look every time Mr. C took me to pound town.” She sighs. “He had the biggest cock you know. I used to tease him that he could have been a porn star…”


I blink. Pound town?


I clear my throat. “You’ve been watching too much HBO, Mrs. C. Jax and I are in a working relationship, and I would never jeopardize that.”


Her eyebrow arches. “Whatever you have to tell yourself. But your dress is on inside out.”


“Fuck!” Rufus calls out and I scowl at both of them. 


She hushes him, still looking at me. “And don’t think I didn’t hear all the moaning and grunting. It was loud. I kinda liked it to be honest. It’s been a long time since anyone got a good seeing-to in this old house.”


Pushing the hair away from my face, I exhale, feeling embarrassed. “It’s one in the morning. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”


“I came in here to grind up some cucumbers for my mask. But I can tell you’re not in the mood to talk, so I’ll go to my room and wash it off.” With an offended sniff, she turns to go.




She pivots back around. “Yes?”


I rub the back of my neck, which is sticky from being pressed against sweaty male-flesh for the past few hours of glorious bliss… which reminds me that I don’t ever recall Kyle giving me two orgasms in one night.


Focus, Ashton. “If we did have sex, and that’s a big if—”


“You did. I heard you cry out…Oh God, I’m coming.” Her face is deadpan.


“Did I make a mistake? I mean, he’s here to work, and he’s a man, which makes him an asshole.” I give her a pleading look, and I know I must be desperate to be seeking dating advice from Mrs. C.



Her lips purse as she gives it a think, beady eyes carefully studying me from beneath the layers of the lime green mask. “Honey, he’s the goat savior and the skunk hero. He deserves a good fuck. Just call it a one-off and let it go.”

About the Authors: 

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills and USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise are not a secret duo, but simply themselves. 


Great friends, former English teachers, and southern gals in real life, they’ve teamed up to bring you laugh-out-loud naughty romances with strong leading ladies and sexy alpha males who know how to please their women… and who sometimes you just want to slap.




Connect with Tia: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTiaLouise/

Twitter: @AuthorTLouise

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Connect with Ilsa: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorilsamaddenmills/ 
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Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2k6L96J 
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jjRzlD 
Website: http://www.ilsamaddenmills.com/

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