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What the crap is up with this weather? I’m soooo sick of cold weather and snow…Indiana’s always been a little nuts but I’m over it already! Bring on the warmth…at least a little. 

How was your week? Are you reading anything glorious and spectacular? 

I have lots of greats below! 

What am I reading right now?

Live Now!

I’m on the second book in the new trilogy from Max Monroe, Cold. If you haven’t met Levi yet you need to get an introduction! Cause  this second book will be here THIS WEEKEND! I know a lot of want to wait for all the books to be out before we get started because of the dreaded cliffy but come on….take the leap! Holy hell I just finished and jumping jelly beans I’m stunned and speechless!

I wanted a second chance. What I got was a repeat.

She was too beautiful. Too smart. And her emerald green eyes saw too much. 

I wanted space—she took it away.
I craved her lips—she gave me her kiss. 
I screwed it up—she got smart. 

Avoiding me is the right thing to do. I’m messed up, tortured, and probably always will be.
But I still want her. 
Her mind. Her body. Her heart. 
I want it all. 

And this time, I’m in control.
No matter what I have to do, I will make her mine. 


Here’s some DON’T MISS recommendations!

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas will blow your everloving mind! A stand-alone full of wow and steam. A little taboo, a whole lotta hot and a complete addiction you need to experience! Trust me on this…you want to read this one!


He took me in when I had nowhere else to go.

He doesn’t use me, hurt me, or forget about me. He doesn’t treat me like I’m nothing, take me for granted, or make me feel unsafe. 

He remembers me, laughs with me, and looks at me. He listens to me, protects me, and sees me. I can feel his eyes on me over the breakfast table, and my heart pumps so hard when I hear him pull in the driveway after work. 

I have to stop this. It can’t happen. 

My sister once told me there are no good men, and if you find one, he’s probably unavailable. 

Only Pike Lawson isn’t the unavailable one. 

I am. 


I took her in, because I thought I was helping.

She’d cook a few meals and clean up a little. It was an easy arrangement. 

As the days go by, though, it’s becoming anything but easy. I have to stop my mind from drifting to her and stop holding my breath every time I bump into her in the house. I can’t touch her, and I shouldn’t want to. 

The more I find my path crossing hers, though, the more she’s becoming a part of me. 

But we’re not free to give into this. She’s nineteen, and I’m thirty-eight. 

And her boyfriend’s father. 

Unfortunately, they both just moved into my house. 


Did you take the plunge into action packed awesome-ness with Savage Prince by Meghan March? I finished the early read of Iron Princess, which you can grab on Tuesday, and I’m still sitting her stunned with grabby hands for the third book. Get into these y’all cause you’re gonna need the time inbetween books to digest it all and pick it apart looking for clues, hell you may even want to read it again cause it will heat you up!

He’s a mystery. An enigma. 

His very identity is a secret buried beneath layers of deception.

He’s also an addiction I can’t shake. An attraction I can’t fight. 

And then I found out exactly who he is—a man more dangerous than the devil himself.

Now I need him in order to save everything that matters to me. 

I have to pull back. Protect myself from the danger that haunts his every step. 

Which would be easy . . . if I could stop myself from falling in love with him. 


NOW HERE are all the NEW books out there right now!

(Click the cover or the title)




One Wild Night by AL Jackson and Rebecca Shea 

The Nine by CM Stunich

Bloodlines by MN forgy

Love Again by Kelly Elliott

Fallen Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan 

Turn Me On by J. Kenner 

Jag by HJ Bellus

Chaser by Kylie Scott

The Pecker Briefs by Sawyer Bennet

Royal Heir by Ruth Cardello

Flesh Into Fire by JA Huss

Pearson by K. Webster

The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise


Honorable Mentions this week…books to make you fall in love with love. Flirty, swoony instalove!

Turn Me On by J. Kenner

One Wild Night by AL Jackson & Rebecca Shea

HERE’s a look at the PRE-ORDERS for this coming week.




Sunday 4/22

Cold by Max Monroe

Monday 4/23

Anonymous by LP Dover

Wheeler by Ker Dukey

Tuesday 4/24

Iron Princess by Meghan March

Misadventures With the Boss by Kendall Ryan

Blood Type by KA Linde

Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken — will be a LIVE ALERT

Thursday 4/26

Carry My Heart by JS Cooper

His Wasted Heart by Monica Murphy (iBooks only)




Make sure you get Savage Prince by Meghan March before Iron Princess.

YOU need to grab Stone by Max Monroe before Cold.


Dollar Deals

Each book is only $0.99 
















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