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By T. Torrest

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A glorious trip back to the year that made Trip… Heart Throb Trip.. I loved this jump back into the world of Layla and Trip…only this time through his eyes! The 80’s was the best decade ever! Great clothes, amazing music and BIG HAIR! This book takes you back to that glorious time!

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  After computer class was lunch, so I fought my way through the crowded halls on my way to the cafeteria. Or, as I liked to think of it, the Coliseum. In my vast experience as a new kid, the simple act of grabbing a bite to eat was a cutthroat gladiatorial event. Lunch period may as well have been held in a prison yard. 

  I grabbed a tray and loaded it with a miserable-looking burger and fries before exiting the food line. I allowed myself exactly five seconds to size up the table arrangements in order to decide where I was expected to sit. The cafeteria in every school was always the same: Brainiacs banding together, burnouts off in a corner, geeks scattered throughout. 

  And then, inevitably, there was the Alpha Table. 

  It depended on the school of course, but the Alpha Table was normally comprised of the jocks. And if you wanted to suss out who the jocks were, all you had to do was find the hottest chicks. Cute girls and athletes always seemed to go hand in hand. In Indy, the basketball players were the kings, but I had a feeling this was a football town all the way.  

  My theory was proven correct as I scanned the room and spotted a super cute blonde with big, crunchy hair. She was seated at a center table with two huge apes and an absolute gorilla. 

  Definitely football players.

Calling all 80s girls!

Layla Warren first introduced us to Trip Wilmington in REMEMBER WHEN…
Now read his side of the story!

Trip Wiley wasn’t always a Hollywood movie star.
In fact, he wasn’t always Trip Wiley.
Back in 1990, he was better known as Trip Wilmington, the new kid in town. 
New place, new school… same old story. 
No big deal. It’s not like this is the first time he’s been forced to start over.
But seventeen years of city living hasn’t prepared him for life in the suburbs…
or for Layla Warren.
Layla is smart, funny, beautiful… the kind of girl every guy dreams about.
Trip should know. 
He’s been falling for her since the first minute he saw her. 
And his life hasn’t been the same since.


Prepare to travel back to your teen years… That time in your life before the real world kicked in, that limbo between adolescence and adulthood, that trial of hanging onto the past while figuring out where the future will lie. 

With heart-shredding romance, steamy love scenes, and hilarious 80s references, readers of all ages will find themselves falling in love with TRIP all over again. 

***Author’s note: This is no copy/paste job. This is a brand new story that fills in the blanks during Trip and Layla’s separation while still bringing all the magic moments of the two of them together. 

It is highly recommended–but not required–that you read Remember When prior to reading TRIP.

4 Witchy Stars of Trip Wonderful!

I loved getting back to these characters! Remember When is one of my favorite trilogy’s and I had forgotten how much I truly love it until I got inside Trip’s head! I loved his take on everything and being inside his mind! 

I lived the 80’s…with the big hair and mini skirts and a decade filled with some of the best music ever! If you fell in love with Layla and Trip then you need to get inside his head during the year that changed his life forever!


Make Sure you check out the ENTIRE series today! It’s one of my favorites!





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