Witchy’s Weekend Review for 1/28-2/3….New, Sales, Free Reads and Coming Soon!

We say bye, bye, bye to January this week and make one teensy step closer to spring…what’s this weekend…THE SUPER BOWL.

I’m not a football fan though I do enjoy the genius that is Tom Brady, the hubs will be watching..I’ll be reading, watching commercials (cause that’s the best part of the whole damn thing) and loving me some JT during the half time show. 

What should I read during the game, you ask? Scroll and grab some of these NEW one’s or scoop up a freebie or dollar deal! Maybe grab one of my faves from January. 

**Pssst……You could read Wildcat by Max Monroe… yes you should…yes..yes…it’s about a football player..ya know get in the spirit of the game and all **wink, wink***


What did I read this week? Well, hmmmm…oh yes…of course, I highly recommend checking our the supreme hotness that is Quinn Bailey…in Wildcat. Then fall into deep, deep, swoony hard, carpe diem love with Living Out Loud by Staci Hart. A great adventure through surviving tragedy in a wonderful young adult read from Rebekah Crane…The Upside of Falling Down









Are you ready for some more douchery and shenanigans? How To Date A Douchebag: The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney is coming Monday and it’s faaaaabulous!!! Gotta, Gotta get this one….so amazing!

Tuesday clicky opportunities are Midnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger, Reed by Sawyer Bennett, One More Promise by Samantha Chase and How the Light Gets In by L.H. Cosway.


Make sure you check out all my glorious reads! Find them all here, grab them for yourself! No bull here…only books I think you’ll love!

Witchy’s Top Reads!


Now let’s take a quick trip back through January! Here are the reads I loved! How many did you read?


HOLY CRAP…did I really read all those!!! YES I DID! See all my reviews for these on Goodreads or check me out on Amazon!


HUGE savings on this fantastic Alice Clayton read!!! These are rarely on sale and I loved this read!! So very funny! Ususally $7.99…get yours right now for only $1.99 ..I don’t know how long this will last so grab it now! Great read during the game material!



THESE from Jessica are NEW and only a buck!












A NEW trilogyis coming from Meghan March! #CoverLove

#OnTour with Max Monroe and Wildcat…my review


Are you looking for an amazing feel good read to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day? 

She hated the girl in the mirror, bullies made her hate more…HE saw beyond the bull to the beauty inside and out. 

A potion made her believe until truth destroyed it all!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Buy on Amazon


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