Witchy’s Weekend Review full of FREE, NEW, Sales and Coming Soon for 10/29 – 11/4

I’m so sad to see October go. Halloween is my favorite time of the year! Alas we said goodbye to it this week and Hello to November steaming our way toward Thanksgiving. 

October left us with a bang and November started out wonderfully! Rachel Van Dyken gave us Mason in Darkest Temptation, my favorite totured alpha Wolf, Jasinda Wilder handed us the steaming hot Badd twins in Badd Luck and Meghan Quinn filled our hearts with Aaron Walters in The Other Brother! Plus soooo many more great looking books out there. 


The Other Brother knocked my socks off. A wonderful, heart felt, flirty fun read that you can’t help but fall in love with. OMG, I just wanted to grab Aaron and put him in my pocket!

If you are an uber fan of Ketchikan Alaska and Jasinda’s Badd brothers then hold on to you panties because Corin and Canaan are gonna have you leaving a wet spot on your seat in Badd Luck! Steaming HAWT! 

Paranormal mecca is how I would describe Darkest Temptation! I have been waiting for Mason story and this does not disappoint! 



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For the first time you don’t have to worry about dropping your book in the bath tub!!! Introducing Kindle Oasis!! The very first waterproof kindle…get this on your christmas list!!! Read in the pool, read in the rain, read in the tub!!! How awesome is that!!

✔ Largest, Highest resolution display!

✔ Designed to feel light as paper!

✔ Ideal for One-Handed reading!

✔ Perfect lighting anywhere.

✔ Larger Capacity storage!

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⇨ Saving It is coming Monday from Monica Murphy and it is YA amazing! Teenagers who are best friends and set on a mission that ends better than they could have ever hoped!

⇨ I can’t wait to get my hands on Jacob’s Ladder on Tuesday! He’s a song writer, she hates musicians…sounds like a recipe for greatness!

⇨ Then the great conclusion to The Outskirts will be here on Thursday with The Outliers! I have been dying to find out what happens!

⇨ Plus Crank by Adriana Locke is coming Friday so make sure you stay tuned to FB for the live link! A small town hunky grease monkey…yes please! Check it out for now on GoodReads.

⇨ Also Lawn Boys is coming from K. Webster..watch Facebook for the live link, while you wait add it to your TBR on Goodreads.






❣❣ Whaaa….The Other Game is epic! Dean will steal your heart! Fake Fiancee is flirty do not miss fun that I loved! I’ve heard amazing things about Dirty Filty Rich Men so give it a look. All of these deals look great!















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