October 2017

Over 100 NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH! October gave us an EPIC explosion of great reads! Serioulsy, I know there were a ton more than this. I found some of my best reads of the year this month! From action packed, mind blowing drama to swoony love and hot lust, all the way to wonderful paranormal. OCTOBER ROCKED



Ruthless King began a trilogy that left me craving my next fix. So hot, so hard, so very alpha! Lachlan Mount will own you.

Drive by Kate Stewart shot to the top of my best read of all time list. So many feels, tons of angst and some of the best words I’ve ever read. 

Gun Shy…holy crap…this knocked my brain right out of my head. NOT A ROMANCE…no this is a thrill ride of mystery, suspense and just a whole hell of a lot of mind twisting. I LOVE it!

Most of All You made me swoon and there isn’t a Mia Sheridan book that I don’t adore. Her epic words of love always echo strong in my heart.

Hideaway brought us Kai and Devil’s Night twists and turns that will leave you spinning in the best way. SOOOO magnificient. 

Unloved knocked my heart right out on the floor. Archer’s Voice is my best read of all time, nothing has been able to replace it but this one…this is sitting right next to him in the top spot. Feels abound and holy shit it’s fabulous.  






























Do you love Audio Books? The Zon has a great deal right now! Sign-up for free and get TWO free Audible books! Plus they have a great new program called Matchmaker that will take all your purchased Kindle books and show you which are available for your ears AND at a discounted price. It’s neat to see them all pop up!







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