Witchy’s Weekend Review! New, Sales, Freebies, Rec Reads and Coming Soon! 10/8-10/14

This week rocked with NEW RELEASES! 

But the week coming is one you don’t want to miss!

Friends I need your reading eyes! My alter ego is Author Billie Dale and I have a reviewing opportunity for you!!! Sign up now to recieve an ARC of my second release Potion Perfect! A story about loving yourself and believing. Filled with laughs, steam and tears! I would love for you to sign-up!

ARC’s will go out Friday Oct. 20, 2017! 

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I fled here to start over, reinvent myself. Running has its perks. I learned that when I met and fell for him then when it all fell I apart, I ran again.

I thought I was smart, a seventeen-year-old college sophomore borders on genius. But a viral photo and bullies crushed my trusting and naïve heart.

Then an old gypsy gave me hope and I believe love might be possible.

My friendship with Kohl Black evolved allowing him to break down my walls. But the basketball star and the geek only ends well in a fairy tale. He crushed my heart and showed me that everything I believed and trusted was a complete lie. 

He was a lie.

Now, I’m back. I’ve returned to the scene of the pain. He let me run once, he won’t let it happen again.


I’m stunned by her beauty and curves that go on for days but what’s inside owns me.

I’m a star basketball player and a part of campus royalty, people expect me to be wild. As soon as she walked in the classroom and my life, those expectations went out the window. 

I wanted her back and I still want her now.

She ran before I could fight for her. But now, nothing will stand in the way of getting Tensanne Craig back into my arms.



Poignantly moving and a great emotional journey! A twist at then end that will blow you away! I can’t say enough about how truly phenomenal these words are! Kate owned me with this read!

Four early twenty’s couples and lots of laughs and swoony men with beards all come together in one great read! Uniques and tons of fun!

Were you left hanging at the end of Dirty Little Secret’s love triangle. I know I was! The all alpha Gavin, the sweet Cooper and Emma are back in this great read with steam and angst!

Laughs abound in this fun, fun read where Ben will make you wiggle and squirm! 


HERE are some EPIC reads you need to be on the look out for this week!

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**Prices accurate at time of posting! Always check before you buy!









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Witchy Exclusive Excerpt Reveal for Operation Girl Next Door



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