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Into every generation, one woman is born… yada, yada, yada.

 Anyone who loves paranormal, and is a Buffy fan, knows this spiel. 

This is real life. A reality where creatures of the night don’t exist and magic is just a wish upon a star. 

Remember when we were children, and the night before our birthday was full of excitement? Whether we were antsy in our beds waiting for presents and cake or anticipating the great party that was coming, excitement filled our little bodies. As an adult, the eagerness is not so great. A birthday just means another year older. The enthusiasm we felt as children turns to dread as we round that bend and head downhill.

 Forty… yes, the big 4-0! 

Every woman’s nightmare. Midlife, wrinkles, grey hair, sagging body parts and just a bunch of shit no woman wants to deal with.

 I legit thought I was prepared for forty. It was just a number, right? Just another passing year.

 My hair dyed, my wrinkles creamed, my body put through the paces. All to keep that youthful glow. I was ready. 

Forty would not get me down. I would rule this year. 

I mean, it’s my sexual prime, when a woman’s sex drive kicks into high gear. When all those raging hormones, that the ‘experts’ claim come with turning forty, go into overdrive. A woman’s sexual high tide that happens with or without someone to work all those urges out with, at the present I’m without a partner to explore all the gloriousness that comes. Ha, get it ‘comes’. I’m in the market for a new man to scratch that itch; being fresh out of a shit marriage, I’ll need a new scratcher when these hormones kick in. 

Oh, right, you don’t know me. 

Hello, I’m Shayden Reigh. I believe in all things Mother Earth. I’m a Mom to two wonderful, beautiful girls, Bryenna who is seventeen and Kassy who is nine. I’m a Wiccan, I’m a recent divorcee and with some recent events, it seems, I’m a chosen Queen of a realm unknown to the human world. I always wished magic was real, pretending when I was little to be magical. I dreamed to live in the world.

I always wished magic was real, pretending when I was little to be magical. I dreamed to live in the world of Charmed with Phoebe, Paige, and Piper, maybe battle some scary monsters with the Winchester boys of Supernatural. A world full of mystic wonder would be an awesome place to live. 

Be careful what you wish for.

 Forty is when my life flipped ass over elbows, bringing all new meaning to this magical milestone birthday.

Be careful what you wish for.

Birthdays come and go, and once you reach a certain age, they lose their luster, but I’m is about to find out just how unique my 40th birthday is. 

A Goddess, a vampire, an alien and a steaming alpha male walk in the room..sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but this is what strolled in on my birthday. 

Alternate realms, magic power and topping that hill of 40 makes for one messed up situation.

I, Shayden Reigh, armed with a smart mouth, sassy wit, a cocky cat and no clue what in h-e-double hockey sticks I’m doing, prepare to fight. Chosen by the Gods with new magic and an ego-driven hot guardian named Luke, only I can tip the scale to victory.

No pressure there, right?

The time has come.

The Queen is chosen.

The Gods have set this single mom on the path to the throne but I must save it first. 



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