August 2017

 Here in the Witchy Household August means it BACK TO SCHOOL time! It’s a little surreal doing the happy Mom dance this year as my oldest daughter spawn begins her senior year. So my happy dance is laced with sadness.

Anywho…let’s look back at the EPIC month of August.


Why should you read these book? Check out my thoughts on each below!  Potion Perfect is a phenomenal feel good read that will leave you loving yourself a whole lot more! Tensanne is defeated by the world and Kohl is her white knight dribbling a basketball. So many feels and tons of swoon! REVIEW Twisted Twosome is flirty, fun and just all around amazing! Racer is cocky and has an impressive! He will make you sweat and squirm and swoon. REVIEW Food Fight is two erotic tales meant to make you all wet and melty. Fun schmexy adventures with food from two authors you love. REVIEW Wish You Were Here will gut you in the best ways. will need tissues for this epic emotional journey of some of the best words I have ever read! REVIEW Soul Mate is another flirty fun read full of swoon and insta love! You can’t help but fall in love with these characters. REVIEW Mercy…holy crap this is phenomenal..full of quirky fun and laced with steam and action. It’s unique and a read you need to experience. REVIEW Good Girl Gone Badd is another melty adventure with the Badd brothers and it is HOT! These men make living in Alaska look real enticing. REVIEW Beard in Mind is Beau Winston…another one of those loveable bearded Winston brothers and his sweet southern ways will make you swoon. REVIEW Crave is so emotionally wrecking and unique. A look at addiction through the eyes of a young man that will leave you broken and bleeding and needing more! REVIEW Dr. Neuro is the last doc in this trilogy and he is by far the best. An angsty fun read that will leave you wanting this hot doc to examine your brain. REVIEW Shift is two tales in one. The Gods are battling and the hearts of two are caught in the cross. Love and War go hand in hand when Ares and Aphrodite fight to win. REVIEW Drunk Dial is proof that sometimes good things happen when you endulge in wine and decide to find that boy that broke your heart. Second chances and redemption abound with this amazing read. REVIEW


NEW in August!

















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