Witchy’s Weekend Review full of NEW, DOLLAR DEALS AND FREEBIES plus REC READS!

Another amazing week to be a reader! PLUS Witchy mom party! My kids went back to school! WOOHOO!

This was a light week for new but don’t be deterred the books that released ARE EPIC!

Let’s get started with my READS YOU CAN’T MISS!

Billie Dale gave us an amazing second chance NEW read full of heart and swoon! This WRBRapproved 5 STAR read will leave you smiling and feeling better about you!

Renee Carlino knocked my socks off and sent me running for the tissues with this epic display of amazing! WRBRapproved 5 STARS just don’t cover it, must read!

Are you looking for some flirty fun with a hot doc and tons of swoony sweetness? Then you need this NEW read from Kendall Ryan!

Last but not least is this unique journey from E.K. Blair! With her style and great words this beginning will leave your mouth gaping like a fish and needing more! 












Get your pre-order one-click going now!

Mercy by Debra Anastasia on Monday and it is EPIC! Link to come!

Shift by Staci Hart — Link to come

Come Back to Me by Kathy Coopmans is only 99c!






(Always check pricing!)

Playing for Keeps, Lawless, Preppy, King and Birthday Witch are all AMAZING!!!








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