An erotic adventure is LIVE now! Food Fight by T. Torrid & Heather OHHH is HERE!


Title: Food Fight
Series: Strip Mall Duology #1
Authors: T. Torrid & Heather Ohhh
Genre: Eroticomedy (Erotica/Romantic Comedy)
Release Date: August 10, 2017

3.5 Witchy Stars of Erotic food fun

Two authors set out to entertain us and that’s what they did. Out of this world character names, crude humor and holy crap, that would never happen angst. This is meant to steam you up and make you sweat & squirm which is what it does. 
An erotic little nugget with two stories full of sex. It’s not hearts and stars, it’s fracking and frolicking with a whole lot of schmexy men and a HEA at the end of each. 
A fun, quicky with food and sex. You may despise the ways of the characters but it’s not meant to move you to tears it’s meant to move you to the bedroom for a release. Well done ladies, mission accomplished!! 

FOOD FIGHT is the first book in a new eroticomedy duology.
Each book in the Strip Mall series contains two separate stories from the same
universe. No cliffhangers… just a lot of laughs and some really hot sex!

BANANAS AND DONUTS: It’s a food fight of epic proportions when this
not-so-sweet baker gets her hands on a gorgeous grocer’s goods.
BAGELS AND BRATS: A buff butcher bites off more than he can chew when he
“meats” the vegan vixen next door.

*Intended for immature audiences 18+

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T. Torrid
T. Torrid is a pop-culture junkie, a movie aficionado, and a
lover of all things 80s.

A lifelong Jersey girl, she currently lives there with her husband and two


She also writes romance under the name T. Torrest!


Heather Ohhh

Heather Ohhh is a Cajun girl with a big heart and a passion
for romance. Residing with her husband and five sons, she is quite fluent in
sarcasm. One spoiled little princess finishes off this brood adding a little
drama and sparkle to the mix. Life is chaotic, but she wouldn’t have it any
other way. 

She also writes romance under the name Heather M. Orgeron.




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