Looking for a great read? Check out my WEEKEND REVIEW for 6/13 –>6/17

June has been epically slow in the New Release department. But there are a few great reads out there that will keep your reading addiction going!

Tara Sivec blew my mind with this tissue-needing read. Such an epic journey of survival and second chances. You are going to want to have your tissues close as you venture into this heart-ache because it will shatter you before putting you back together!

TISSUES….my gawd you will need mass amounts of tissues! 

Such powerful, poignant words. A very moving read of survival and second chances. I think this one broke me a little. I left a piece of my heart with Shelby and Eli. 

Two people, so in love –facing adversity, dealing with life shattering trauma — willing to do whatever it takes for each other. 

As they search for thier love, you will lose your heart in their heat, passion and utter devotion to one another. Add in some wicked twists and earth moving turns and you have a beautiful read of rising from the ashes.

 Check out my fan-made teaser here –> https://youtu.be/ptkBi9LsQW8

It was a close battle for my READ OF THE WEEK this week! This Staci Hart read is sooooo great! Chocked-full of seat squirming, panty changing steam and feels! All the stars go to this one! I laughed, I swooned, I cringed and I was curious about the benefits of piercings! YOU will fall in love with Bodie and Penny!

All the stars for this one! It’s emotional, fun and it will steam you right out of your chair. Holy moly this baby had heat floating off the pages. Penny is such a great sexy leading lady and Bodie whoa (said in my best Joey Lawerence voice)..this book is awesome. 

She tatted and colorful and so full of life. You are going to LOVE Penny! 
I was smiling and squirming through the whole book! Plus it’s very educational about anatomy and you will find it quite enlightening and will want to test out the theories…lol.

You will laugh-out-loud, swoon and sway and get in the grove with these great words. 





(Prices accurate at time of posting)





 Looking for a great weekend read? Check out this one!


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