June 2017

Books I recommend this month!

These reads are EPIC!




 ➔ http://amzn.to/2rxWT8P

Tucker and Emma will have you swooning hard and oh the feels! So many great feels! A flirty fun read full of heart and soul!

➔ http://geni.us/1sTgmu

Positively EPIC! Tissues! You will need tons of tissues! This one will settle in your bones and have you swooning all over the place. It will break you before it puts you back together! Beautiful words, heart warming feels, a story of strength and second chances. 

➔ http://amzn.to/2svioY7

Such an amazing trip through steaming flirty fun! Penny is seriously bad ass! Her three date rule is about to go up with flames when Bodie enters with his sultry hotness. You will laugh yourself out of you chair and become completely addicted!

➔ http://amzn.to/2s824vp

A wonderfully emotionally moving YA read! A journey of growth and understanding, teenagers wise beyond their years! Beautiful words, feels and swoon. 

➔ http://amzn.to/2sem9RV

Since I’m not a huge fan of MC books my love for this read is seriously great! It made me love these rough riders! This is Schrader and Shy. Heat, angst, drama and all the yummy steam you can handle. Feel the wind in you hair and fall in love with these characters!














The Knocked-Up Plan by Lauren Blakely (link to come)


Instigation by Cat Mason –http://amzn.to/2sem9RV

The Long Way Home by Jasinda Wilder (link to come)





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I love to read, I love to write. I enjoy sharing my book adventures with you!
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