THE WEEKEND IS HERE! Time for my weekend review! Let’s look at June 5th through June 10th!

The book world is a tad bit stagnant right now. It’s warm, sunny and everyone is playing in the sunshine! 

I, of course, am always reading, reading, reading! This week I had a chance to read some older books that were on my TBR and some NetGalley reads that will be coming your way soon!

Have you read Nocte by Courtney Cole? This is a serious mind twister that ends in a cliffy. GOOD NEWS though all the books are available when your mind explodes! 

How about a great YA paranormal? I’m a hardcore PNR junkie. It’s my first love when it comes to reading books! The Ghost Host Episode 2 by Del Sheree Gladden is wonderfully ghosty and great!

I grabbed this from NetGalley and you guys will love it! It’s kind of YA but kind of not and these kids will steal your heart and rock your soul! You can get this one in July!

Kick, Push by Jay Mclean is sooo great! Such an emotional rollercoaster mixed in with smiles and some really moving words!


An epic mind bending read is coming your way from A. Meredith Walters! Warning the cliffy will kill you but ooooh baby is it worth it to get these words! Coming in July! 











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