Hello, Hello! It’s WEEKEND REVIEW TIME! Let’s take a look at some of the great NEW reads this week!


This year is just flying by..right? Can you believe we have almost reached the end of May? 

This week is once again another awesome week to be a romance reader! Gah, this is such a great world to escape in to. 

First up is…

Alice Clayton is a queen of words. Seriously! My read of the week this time is one that I personally pulled from my ‘want to read‘ list. I’m so addicted to these Hudson Valley men. I swear living in a small town is not like this. This book has the sultry slow burn that just leaves you squirming, saying ‘holy crap, that’s hot’. These characters are great, the story is wonderful and fun. So addicting you just want to stay in these pages.

I love this town! I love each and every character. Clara is my favorite, she is just broken enough and full of spunk and spite. Archie is so geeky hot! He is the subtle hottie that will slap you right in the hoohaa! 

Clara was hired to help, it’s her job. To take something old and make it vital again. Archie is kind of in need of being made vital again too. 

I enjoyed every page, once I started I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, I cringed, I seriously swooned and Alice Clayton’s sexy words can really make me squirm in my seat. She has such a way that it’s hot and will over heat you before you know your even over heated. I love this town, I love these characters and I don’t know what they feed these men but this town produces some hot ones!


If you have been with me for a while you know that I’m not a huge fan of cliffhangers….unless I can get my grabby hands on the next read really quick. I love, love a great hanger….I just have to feed that addiction quickly! Meghan March is a mastermind when it comes to epic duets! Oh my jesus, she is so amazing at grabbing you by the panty strings and taking you on one hell of ride. Boone Thrasher and Ripley are her latest swoon inducing epicness in the Real Dirty Duet. I love these books! Both are LIVE NOW!

Both are epically hot with twist and angst and ooooh so sexy!

My 5 STAR Review for Real Dirty–> http://bit.ly/2qmRtgN

My 5 STAR Review for Real Sexy –> http://bit.ly/2qq0P7q


Kendall Ryan gave us a NEW light flirty read that is great to curl up with in the sunshine. She’s big city, on the run. He’s country hot and a whole lot of small town sexy. 



Rachel Van Dyken is so awesome. I devour every word that comes from her brain. She gives me such amazing characters to fall in love with. Austin is so very much fun. With her sweets addiction and her wit she really is a woman you will love. Then there is Thatch…well he is so much more than meets the eye. He is tragedically swoony and you have to peel him like an orange to get to the yummy underneath! I laughed and fell in love with him in this great read!

THIS read was in the running for my READ OF THE WEEK. I’m a new fan to all things A.L. Jackson. Her words are so beautiful and moving. I’m just in complete awe of her talent. Zee Kennedy is the epitomy of rocker bad boy drumming yummy but he is so very much more. He is complicated and carrying a world of guilt and responisblity on his shoulders. His talent and devotion will own your soul!













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