Did you get this one yet? A fun 5 STAR debut from Billie Dale!

Are you looking for a read full of witty sass, erotic heat and an epic battle? Oh and there are some seriously HOT alpha males in here too! Don’t let the cover fool you on this one, it’s serioulsy sexy! Steam will roll right off your ereader as you laugh and swoon! A unique tale into a great world!

A debut Novel from Author Billie Dale

Available NOW on Amazon and Free in Kindle Unlimited!

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5 Witchy STARS of squirming in your seat fun!

An amazing read with lots of sassy fun and wonderful PNR elements. Holy crap on a cracker this is HAWT!

I love discovering a NEW author, I love everything paranormal plus this isn’t your ordinary dark and mysterious PNR. It is fun and hot….god grief this sex is smoking and your pages may burst into flames. 

She is just looking for a boring day, a normal birthday…but this birthday is about to become so much more than just turning a year older. 

This has a smoking hot Alpha, a steaming butthead Vampire, Goddesses, Shifters, Aliens …it has so many supernatural characters that we love and Shay is sassy and smart. Luke will make you squirm and wiggle. 

A really great debut novel and I can’t wait to see what she gives us next! 



Birthdays come and go, and once you reach a certain age, they lose their luster, but Shayden Reigh is about to find out just how unique her 40th birthday is. 

A civil war rages in the alternate realm of Erigate, and it will come crashing through her door, leading Shayden into the fight of her life. With strong wit and a smart mouth, she prepares to fight. 

Chosen by the Gods with new magic and an ego driven hot guardian, only she can tip the scale to victory. 

The time has come, the Queen is chosen and the Gods have set this single mom on the path to the throne but she must save it first.

What readers are saying about Birthday Witch!

“5 STARS! A funny, sexy book with a sassy, single mom protagonist who has to grapple with a milestone birthday, a snarky cat, family responsibilities..oh, and she’s also the queen of a magical realm in the middle of a civil war. — Author Ani Gonzalez

“5 STARS! I love paranormal reads so jumped at the chance to read this by new author Billie Dale.This book is a quirky refreshing fun read that I really enjoyed.Its full of adventure,twists and turns and some red hot sexy moments that had me hot too!!” –Dawn on Goodreads.

“4 STARS! Birthday Witch was definitely a fun and different read. This book really is unlike any book I have read and was full of twists and turns.” — Sassy Southern Book Blog 


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