Witchy FABULOUS Weekend Review! Rec Reads, New, Sales and more! Week ending 5/13!

THIS week was full of some seriously AMAZING READS! Did you see them all? I read some off the charts books and I think you all will love them!

THIS book is mystical, magical and just everything! So poignant and consuming. You will be sucked into this world of kings and queens. A time of love, healing and learning. It’s just one that will stay with you and take you to a different world, a different time through Amy’s beautiful words and a magestic world.

Ahhhhmazing! This world is just beautifully wonderful and mystic. I was hooked with The Bird and The Sword, I was sucked into this fantasy world created in Amy’s mind and I just want to live there. To stay in the time of Kings and Queen’s, to be specially gifted and powerful. Kjell’s story is epic. It’s beautiful and painful. An interwoven world full of fabulousness where the strong prevail and love lives. 

There are just not enough descriptive words for the glory that lives in these pages. The magnificence that is this tale. It could be a mythological yarn you spin for your kids before they go to bed, a time of magic and fight. Just wonderful!


Meghan March brought us Boone Thrasher and Ripley, a sassy, take no crap leading lady in this book that I LOVE!

Holy steaming man with a great backside and a raspy country voice. Boone Thrasher is Luke Bryant meets Jason Aldean in my mind, he is all cowboy boots, baseball hat, tattoos and tight jeans. He is speak his mind, alpha swoonage that will create lots of panty melting and country girl shaking. 

Ripley is smart, strong and witty. A real take no crap kind of woman. 

Meghan words will have you feeling this one. The heat, the sexy, the ridges…I mean serious bumpy, hard, ohhhh so hard, ridges of every inch of Boone’s body. Whew….even this review has me squirming thinking about it! 

A ‘go back and read it again’ kind of book that just rocks!

Jasinda Wilder gave us the next Badd Brother, Brock. He is swoony and sweet but there is so much more and his name may be Badd but he is anything but!

Brock Badd….well he is anything but Badd. This Badd brother is so sweet and caring but he is a beast behind closed doors. He is the perfect combination of all alpha and all man. 

I love these brothers. I love these tales. Claire is so broken and her fight or flight instinct always points to more flight than fight. She’s not your hearts and flowers kind of woman, but no one is immune to the Badd boy’s charm. She is roped in to Brock but the broken pieces just don’t fit together anymore. 

I seriously would move to Alaska if I thought I could nab one of these men. Family is the key, together they make one heck of a team. Each man is ripped and delicious. I’m waiting for Xavier! I love all the men but I can’t wait for Xavier’s story! While I wait though I will continue to fall in love with each brother. So far Zane, Bast and Brock rule my mind! 

Loving Badd never felt so great! 

Jessica Prince brought us a flirty fun read full of feel great meaning and believing in yourself! Discovering that beauty on the outside doesn’t equal beauty on the inside. 

Oh, Melany…well you see Melany is in all of us. She is that bumbling, live in a fantasy world, nerdy girl that lives in all of us. Socially awkward and living in a shell of hell. Inside lives a strong woman, a resilient woman just begging to be brought to the surface. 

Chance, well, let me tell you..chance is Prince Charming right here in the real fictional world. He is so very epic, so wonderfully hot, swoony and perfect. He’s the very smart yet very ignorant man who will warm you heart and have you wiggling in your seat. 

This book will have you smiling, cheering, booing, and ultimately feeling all warm and tingly. When you fall for the ugly duckling before she becomes the swan then YOU are the man she should keep! 


Mia Asher brought us a twisted tale in only the way that she can. Full of magnificent wonderful gut wrenching words and squirming steam!

So much raw emotion. A trip through heart wrenching, gasping, swoony the complete gambit is experienced with these beautiful words. 

One woman so in love she is blind to herself and the true world that surrounds her. One man that was broken years earlier that is just now feeling the warmth filling his heart once again. 

Eventually the blinders have to come off, eventually the feelings that are true and magnificent come to the surface. The evil lurking in the dark corners revealing itself for what it really is. 

Salaciously delicious with each page turn! Desire building, chair squirming, jaw dropping to the point of madness. An addicting read that will have you needing that next fix, that next paragraph investing your soul into each twist and turn. Rooting for the love and booing at the sadness. These words are positively beautiful, the descriptions will have seeing it in your minds eye with perfect clarity. A read you will want to live again and again. 










(Prices accurate at time of posting)



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Order your copy of this amazing read now!

She’s sassy, she’s 40, she’s pissed, and full of magic. Add in a talking cat and a pushy alpha male and you have recipe for flirty fun and angst!



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