Preview…click…Pre-Order Palooza TIME! Look at what is coming this week!

OMG! The Queen and the Cure is just days away! Badd to the Bone, Real Dirty are almost in your grabby hands and HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOM….these are phenomenal reads! A fantasy world of wonder..of kings and queens and just some of the best writing ever and then two aphla style men…one is a Badd Brother and he is soooo sweet but don’t be fooled Brock Badd will make you squirm….then, well then there is a country singing bad boy who is so ripped that it should be illegal for him to wear a shirt! Boone Thrasher will steal the show and your panties!

I’m reading some NEW footie playing awesomeness from A. Meredith Walters right now and I’m hooked! It’s LIVE right now and another read I think you will love! 

Oooh then there is Chance and Melany….a beauty on the inside RomCom that you will want to lose yourself in! I will get you link for this as soon as it becomes available! Also a NEW one from Mia Asher is coming! I will get you the link when it goes live!

Scroll to the bottom for a great GIVEAWAY!

You NEED these books in your life this week!


Available NOW!








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