Witchy’s Weekend Review Time! Great reads for the week of 5/1 -5/6!


May started out GREAT! Some really great looking reads came out this week! 

A DEBUT from Billie Dale that is so very fabulous! Two great reads from Penelope Douglas, together in one book….and this month is just getting started! Wait until you see what is coming this week!

This book has it all! A magnificiently different twist to the PNR world! So many wonderful things going on here. It’s just a ride you must take!

An amazing read with lots of sassy fun and wonderful PNR elements. 

I love discovering a NEW author, I love everything paranormal plus this isn’t your ordinary dark and mysterious PNR. It is fun and hot….god grief this sex is smoking and your pages may burst into flames. 

She is just looking for a boring day, a normal birthday…but this birthday is about to become so much more than just turning a year older. 

This has a smoking hot Alpha, a steaming butthead Vampire, Goddesses, Shifters, Aliens …it has so many supernatural characters that we love and Shay is sassy and smart. Luke will make you squirm and wiggle. 

A really great debut novel and I can’t wait to see what she gives us next! 









(Prices accurate at time of posting)






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