It’s WEEKEND REVIEW time! New, rec reads, GIVEAWAYS & steals for 4/23 – 4/29!


We say farewell to April this week and it us going out with a bang! There were some seriously awesome NEW RELEASES this week! 

All of these look wonderful but there were two that I really enjoyed and they are the complete opposite of each other but they are my

Jessica Park released 180 Seconds and this book is the best words I think I have ever read. This one will stay with me forever. I would shout its awesomeness from the roof tops if I could.

I’m kinda speechless right now. But I will try to find the words to tell you how epic this book is. 

Prolific, moving, amazing…none of these are powerful enough to describe these pages. I’m not a crying type person. There has never been a book that could make me shed tears…this book had tears filling my eyes. This book melted the ice surrounding me and broke me. 

This book shot straight to my best reads of all time list. This book will stay with me for a very long time. This is a read beyond star ratings, beyond words. I fell so far into this story that I never wanted to climb out. 

Ebsen is one of the most amazing men I have read. He is all the good that is in the world. He is a golden halo in the dredge of humanity. The light in the dark and he will bring Allison back to the surface. 

This book will break you, it will make you smile, it will warm you and it will steal a piece of your soul. You will leave a piece of yourself with these characters and they will take a place inside you. 

In 180 Seconds you can give it all to a stranger. No words, no touching just watching. In only 180 Seconds your whole world will change!

T.M Frazier closed out the Preppy Trilogy and we said goodbye to King, Bear and the girls with this final installment. This is probably one of the best endings to a series yet. The action is there, the suspense, the nail biting revenge and the heat. It’s all right here is this epic finale.

An amazing action packed punch to the heart. I will miss these characters so much! I have traveled through every suspenseful trip to death and back and now they feel like part of my family. 

T.M. does not disappoint in wrapping this series up. This is an epic ending to a phenomenal series of books. It is suspensefully tragic right from the first words, picking up right where part two left us hanging off that cliff. 

Preppy is complete darkness that you can’t help but love. He is the bad boy with the heart of a knight in shining armor with the twisted mess of a serial killer. You don’t mess with his family, he will get you in the end. 

He rose from the ashes and he’s not afraid to go back to save those he loves. 

I don’t usually stick with a series as long as this one but I am so glad I did because this cast of misfits is ingrained in my brain and will always hold a special place in my best reads of all time.


The sweet duo know as Max Monroe made us never look at our OB/GYN again. Brings all new meaning to using the stirups with this one! A very flirty fun read that I think you will love!

Why must all the great one’s end, why must we come back to reality and not have these great characters to talk to ….sigh… sweet, giggly swoony gooey goodness! Several moments of ‘people think your crazy for laughing out loud’ moments. Such an amazingly wonderful read with the cast of characters we love and a new dose of Will and Melody. 

You may never look at your OB/GYN the same again. Of course if mine looked like Will I wouldn’t need a reality show to get my flirt on. Will is hawt…he is so very sweet and will instantly love him. 

Melody is strong, fun, and the perfect match for Will. Plus you may just realize your parents could be a lot worse than they are…you could have parents like Will and Melody….quirky little hornballs that love to talk about sex.

I love the words that come from Max Monroe’s brain and you will love these words too! 










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