Witchy’s Weekend Review 4/9 through 4/15

 This week was light with the NEW but WOWZA it was amazing!

I have two reads of the week this week they are complete opposite ends of the spectrum Tortured will decimate your heart and just rip you to shreds and Mister Moneybags will twist you around but you will be smiling while it whirls you!

If you celebrate, I would like to wish you a very special Witchy Happy Easter!

Here is what your week looked like!

Nicole Williams brought us a harsh look at surviving. Brecken and Camryn live two different lives, suffered two different kinds of torment but both thier lives are irrevocably changed, destroyed and broken. These two heroes will rise from ashes of darkness. You will feel their pain, there distress and each heartbreaking moment!

OMFG! I’m hooked, I’m wrecked, I’m addicted..I can’t stop!

Two heroes will rise from the ashes of life’s destruction! This book is epic. It is hard, stabby feeling inducing rage that will leave you broken but unable to stop, unable to quit until you get to the end where the world will be right again. 

My heart broke for Camryn, it was bleeding on the floor with every strike. 

Brecken, such a hero. They both will have to survive, different lives with similar torture. They lost each other, they lost themselves, this is a story of survival, of the harsh reality of life lived in pain. The things we are willing to do to make it through the next breath no matter how hard it is to breath in.

Pain and anguish lace these pages. Loss, abuse, and tears. This book broke me at 60%, it dropped me to the floor and crushed me but I couldn’t stop. I could not leave Camryn in these pages with a monster. 

Take a deep breath and prepare to be shattered, to be angry and want to string this man up by his balls, he’s not a man. Brecken is a man, a broken, survivor and at the end you will have your pom, poms out cheering for the revenge that is soooo very warranted!


Mister Moneybags by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland is a great adventure in reading. An amazing mind boggling twister that is full of flirty fun and smiles. It’s like crack for your brain and completely addicting!

Amazing! I devoured this baby! I couldn’t read fast enough! Intriguing, fun, addicting words! Mister Moneybags is crazy good! 

Dex is amazing! He’s hot and maybe a little bit nuts and I loved him! This is twisty unlike we have seen from these great authors. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. 

It’s twisting and turning insanely goodness that keeps you going!

It’s out of this world how these two ladies work together to give us such amazing reads. This is flirty, fun, with steam and angst it’s really an all around can’t get enough read that you may just want to read again and again. It’s just that great! 





An AMAZING Cover Reveal from Amy Harmon!

A new one coming from Sarah Robinson! Nudes cover reveal!

Mia Asher has a NEW one coming HERE is the cover!


**Always check pricing before you buy!







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