Weekend Review Time! Goodbye March!

Do you feel like this year is just flying by? Wow the days are passing quickly! We say bye, bye, bye to March this week! 

It was a pretty great week though! There is this great read from Sawyer Bennett that will have you looking at life with a little more clarity. Then there is this amazing action packed, edge of your seat, make you squirm new MC read from Cat Mason!

These books were such opposite ends of the spectrum that they are both my reads of the week!

Retaliation by Author Cat Mason is an action packed hawt punch to the hoohaa! Twisty and turning to keep you on the edge of you seat and sweltering HOT! Even if your not a fan of MC reads, you will like this one! You will love this one!

Do you love hot, hard and pulse pounding MC books? I have a book for you!

Are you not a huge of MC club books for some reason or another? I have a book for you!

I’m not a huge fan of MC Club books BUUUUUTTTTT 
THIS BOOK well this book is the exception! I LOVE this book!

It’s hot. It’s hard. It’s riddled with alpha male hotness. It’s got plot twists coming out its ears. I swear just when you think ‘whew” and sit back off the edge of your seat your pulled right back to the edge with your pulse pounding in your ears. 

Page after page of twists and turns. Steam floating off it’s pages pulling you into a whirly world of Mayhem. Twisted Mayhem. Where nothing is what it seems, and the guy, the Pres.. well he can rock your world and blow it up all at the same time!

Cat Mason has made me…the cynic of all thing MC club related, me Witchy Richey, love a motorcycle club book! 

It will make you sit up and pay attention!

The Hard Truth About Sunshine by Author Sawyer Bennett is a poignant look at the sucky side of life. The part that kicks us when we’re down. These four people will take up residence in your soul. They will grab you and make you feel a whole rainbow of emotions. From extreme sadness, to ‘smack an ass’ anger, to a silly smile and leave you on the other side appreciating life a little more!

This book hit so close to my heart, this will be one that stays with me forever. 

Christopher, oh Christopher you are such an arse but I feel your pain. I understand your frustrations, your anger, your bitterness. Life threw you a curve that you just weren’t prepared to swerve for. I loved watching you grow.
These four people think they have nothing in common but they share more than they could ever know. One road trip will show them just how entwined their lives really are. 

An emotional mess where you will need tissues and a snuggle. Jillian will help you fill you with hope, Connor will give you strength, Barb will show you her pain, and Christopher, well this is his story and he will make you feel it all. 
This is a story about accepting the hand you have been dealt no matter how bad you think it is. A story that shows you tomorrow is another day and even though it may hurt, it may seem desolate and worthless, the hard truth of sunshine and light will lead you where you need to be. 

Sometimes your redemption is in the last place you expect to be. The character growth in this book is phenomenal. This is not an erotic, hot read …this is a refreshing, bring you out of a reading funk kind of book that you will carry in you soul.









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