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Cole Crocker never gets involved in other people’s business. But when there’s a woman in need of rescue, he can’t stop himself from stepping in. He never expects the rescue to turn into a new, hot houseguest, but when Bella has nowhere else to go, he opens his home as well as his bed.

What starts out as an act of kindness turns into a night of unbridled passion and a future neither of them ever expected.

DON’T GET INVOLVED—it’s a motto Cole has always lived by, but when Bella enters his life, everything he once believed flies right out the window.

Warning: Full Service is a dirty short story, filled with love, lots of steam, and a strong alpha. This is an insta-love romance that’ll make you swoon. If you’re looking for something hot and dirty, Falon & Nix Stone are about to deliver.

Other books in the series links:

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Spread Wide –
Worked Hard –


Win a $50 voucher to Lovehoney, Signed Copy of Spread Wide and Worked Hard, and Signed Copy of Everything for Her by Alexa Riley.

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