Witchy’s New Release and Recommended Read Weekend Review for 3/18-3/25! It was a GREAT week!

Oh my Jesus, there were soooo many great books that I read this week I can’t pick just one for my READ OF THE WEEK. I just can’t because I want you to read them all! Each one is different, each one is unique and each one is AMAZING! 


Meghan March blew my mind with this action pack goody! Edge of your seat, pulse pounding, intense page turner with all the heat and yummy’s that we love. Take Me Back will ROCK YOUR WORLD!


A seriously great action packed punch to the gut right here! OMG! This is one you will not want to put down, one you will lose yourself in with action taking you right to the edge of your seat and never letting you drop. A ‘lose yourself’ in the words kind of read that is just out of this world. You will not be able to devour it fast enough, your eyes will feast on it’s glory and just not move over the words with the speed you want them to!

Your heart will beat right out of your chest as you embark on this thrill ride of epic proportions. Jump out of your box, feel your pulse pounding in your ears and devour each word and twist! Yep, it’s that kind of read and one more reason to love this author!

It’s dramatic, it’s vivid and refreshingly fraught with blood pounding danger at every turn. YOU WILL LOVE IT! 

T. Torrest turned us all into swans and made me grab my copy of Some Kind of Wonderful! “WAAAATTTS”…God such 80’s greatness. She gave us a great story about judging a book by it’s cover…don’t do that! About sometimes what you need is right in front of you and she pulled the heartstrings. Plus if you are a fan of her work (raises hand and waves it around) then you will love the hidden the Easter Eggs! ConMan will make you smile!


Amazing! Were you a little geeky in high school or are you somewhat insecure in your life and could use a little push, are you ready to become the ‘swan’? If you have the money than Luke is your man. He takes the ‘ho hum’ and turns them into ‘WOW’. 

This is a great read with quirky characters, lots of feels and fun. It’s a little twisty with some great movie references and the ‘aha’ moment that you will see coming, is so very satisfying. 

You will learn and grow right along with Luke. You will love Mia and her sassy wit and language. Luke will worm his way into your heart and you will just smile. 

This one will leave with a goofy grin and a warmth coursing through your body. Plus have your copy of The Princess Bride and Some Kind of Wonderful handy because there will be watching involved. Heck have them playing in the background while you read, it could enhance an already great experience! A light hearted, great read that you can really sink your teeth into. 

Meghan Quinn brought us Andrew! A geeky, ripped hot, hot man with a penchant for rock collections and calculators plus he will send you running for some sugar-free vanilla ice cream. He’s a whole lot of nerdy and she’s a whole lot of bitchy and they work! You’ll laugh…hard, your heart will hurt a little but then you’ll laugh again so it’s all good. Which is an accurate statement this is just ALL GOOD! CoWrecker is just amazing!


THIS is lol funny, it’s quirky, it’s filled with emotion…it is just everything! A seriously amazing ‘all that and a bag of chips’ kind of read. 

One seriously quirky geek who has more ripples than Ruffles potato chips. There is a lot to be said for a smart man who becomes gym obsessed and turns his body into a wonderland of ridges. But Andrew is such a great character that you can’t help love. With his penchant for the Yankees, his collection of calculators and his love of life, you can’t help but smile at what it is that make him, him.

These words are so much more than your average RomCom, there is some seriously growth and love. A picking up the pieces and rebuilding kinda read that will have you wanting to make an ice cream run. I felt like I knew these characters, like they were engrained in my mind. Like I had met them somewhere before. 

A grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, get a spoon and curl up for some laughs and heart warming fun. May cause spewing, laughing out loud, coffee spewing from your nose and mouth kind of wonderful read that will just warm you all over. 

Sybil Bartel made me a squirmy wormy this week! “Some like it hot, but you can’t tell how hot till you try” come on sing it with me! Ooh, sorry I got sidetracked with my love for 80’s music there. Gotta love Robert Palmer and the Power Station. But seriously this book will have you wanting to “bang a gong and get it on“! It’s ooozing alpha male hotness in an asshole that you love kind of way! Rough will send you running for a release! HAWT! So very HAWT!


Holy turn your panties to ash! I mean incinerate them right inside your pants. Ya know what just take them off before you read it will make it easier. Plus you may want to grab your partner and keep him close, there may be some frustration to work off while you are reading, YES it is that hot. Wiggle in your seat, alpha male oozing out his pores, holy crapola that’s hot, kinda read. 

Jared Brandt, well he’s kind of a arse. But he is all alpha, all the time and his eyes are on the prize. A sweet little red head that screams innocence is his goal. 

Tons of angst, tons of steam, and by the end you will be loving this man and his overbearing tendencies. Right from the first words you will start to sweat and squirm. A great erotic read!

Kate Stewart is a new author to me and every book I have read of hers so far is phenomenal. This one, well this one has a muscle on veiny muscle, gun carrying alpha cop that can cuff and stuff me anytime! Ha, get it…stuff me…I’m feeling my minion right now with a ‘bee do bee do”. Rowdy can drop his gun at my place along with his pants any day! I’ll play cops and robbers with him. Oh, damn I got sidetracked again…this book is fun with many lol moments but it’s also riddled with drama and adventure. The Brave Line will amp up your appreciation for the boys in blue while it gives you an itch to scratch. 


So very many reason’s to love this book!
A sassy leading lady. Michelle is strong, oh gosh is she strong and just an amazing character to love. She is a survivor and she is inspiring. With a smart mouth and a penchant for the f-bomb, you will love her. 

A hot, rippled man in uniform. Rowdy is all alpha and mostly asshole but OMG is he sweltering and I don’t just mean because of the heat. 

There is so much more than just a hot, hot read here. There is action and so many moments where I sat on the verge of tears having a major “awe” moment. The daily risk taken is heart pounding and though you will want to hate him, you will want and fall for Randall Day Owen!

You will love Kenneth, and I can’t wait for you to meet Phoebe! She’s really awesome. 

I devoured this book, once I started it I couldn’t stop. I wanted that “10-4” that said everything was ok, I couldn’t stop until I knew everything. I had to have it all. Just an addiction, once you start. 


 Whew, I warned it was a great week! I was one happy reader this week!

Now let’s look at ALL THE NEW this week!










Devoted by AD Ellis —http://amzn.to/2nqy7oi
Indiscretion by D.D. Lorenzo — http://amzn.to/2mTpazO
Suspicion by Donna Lynne —http://amzn.to/2mTtU8r
The Insider by Jillian Jacobs — http://amzn.to/2nFzdNc
Illegitimate by Lulu Astor — http://amzn.to/2mvp2Lm
Incentive by Pam Goodwin —http://amzn.to/2nFFY1G
The Sacrifice by Rae Riley —http://amzn.to/2nFDhgL
Inheritance by TC Winters  — http://amzn.to/2nLCKdn
The Manor by Ted Persinger — http://amzn.to/2nFLCB4
*prices subject to change


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