March 2017



The Running Mate ➜

 A great trip down the campaign trail with the son of the next POTUS. Laughs, wit, sass and a fake relationship pave the way to a really great fun and flirty read!

All the Frogs in Manhattan ➜

A quirky little fun read where sometimes the one with the warts and the slime is the one that is just for you!

Below Deck

“The love boat….” yeah this is not that cheesy 80’s show, but it is insta love and on a boat and it is a boat load of fun…lol! Get your ticket and make a splash…may need a hot tub experience after reading.

The Play Mate

A flirty fun adventure through wanting what you shouldn’t and determination to get what you want. When she’s forbidden and your best friends little sister she has a big ‘no go’ stamped on her head but when she climbs into your bed determined to have, she will become the forbidden fruit you just can’t get out of your head.

Beautiful Forever ➜

A YA read full of love and growth. Sweetness and mild angst. Wyatt is so great your teeth will hurt from his sweetness! The hard truth about forgiveness and communication.

Co-Wrecker ➜

A very fun trek through growth and love. A quirky smoking hot geeky guy that you will fall head over heels for with his strange collections and penchant for the Yankees and ice cream you will need ice cream….maybe some sugar free vanilla..this will definitely make you want to try it!

Take Me Back ➜

Holy hell! Action abounds at every turn. A pulse pounding, punch you in the gut trip over the edge. Feel the heat, take the fall!

The Hard Truth About Sunshine ➜

A very poignant look at healing. At taking the crap that life throws you and learning to deal all while on a road trip with misfits, people who you may think you have nothing in common with but will come to find you are really very much the same. 

Retaliation ➜

A MC read for even those who don’t like MC reads. This is one hot motorcycle ride through action that you don’t want to miss!

Hot for the Fireman ➜

Holy hot firefighter!Oh my Alpha! This mega controlling man can carry me to safety any day!


OMG! An amazing trip, laughs and fun with just amazing content and words. Luke is so swoony! Be prepared to grab your copy of SKOW and watch your heart out!

Rough ➜

Oh, my, ALPHA! This man brings all new meaning to ALPHA male hotness! WHEW! I think my panties turned to a pile of ash! 

The Brave Line ➜

Wow, just WOW! It’s amazing fun and full of sass but filled with action and angst. I laughed, I cringed, I held on to my panties.  I loved every single page.






















Devoted by AD Ellis —
Indiscretion by D.D. Lorenzo —
Suspicion by Donna Lynne —
The Insider by Jillian Jacobs —
Illegitimate by Lulu Astor —
Incentive by Pam Goodwin —
The Sacrifice by Rae Riley —
Inheritance by TC Winters  —
The Manor by Ted Persinger —









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