Witchy’s Weekend Review. The last full week of February was ripe with New Releases, Sales & Freebies! Plus current Giveaways!

So many great books came out this week! What did you read?

Check out my Read of the Week from the amazing Mia Sheridan, plus some really great reads from Shari J. Ryan, Max Monroe & Lisa Renee Jones!

So let’s start of with 

WOW, just WOW. This books is so much. So much love, passion, regret. These pages are filled with soul and will own you with each written word. 

10 Witchy stars….these words have settled in my soul, wrapped around my heart. I have been broken and pieced back together. I couldn’t read fast enough but yet I didn’t want it to end. I savored each and every page. 
Annalia’s growth from meek to strong is uplifting and moving. Preston and Cole’s brother bond is phenomenal. This book will take it’s place in the heart of your soul!

With flashes to the past Mia takes us on a journey of living. A walk through the lives of twin brothers and the little poor girl next door. The life that Lia lives is such a harsh place to be. Always trying to blend in to the background, when the time comes and she “makes a fuss” her strength will empower you. 

Preston, oh, this man…Mia has such a craft of giving us these men that we just want to carry in our pockets and hold close to our hearts. The road to redemption is a hard fought travel. The path to finding our inner voice and speaking when the world has always told us we are not good enough, we don’t belong. The haunting beautiful green eyes of a little girl that shouldn’t be will possess you and make you feel everything. A second chance at love, at forgiving, at moving on. 

THIS book is one of the many reasons I love this amazing beautiful author and her words that wrap my heart in warmth!

Max Monroe gave us another great one this week. Following up the Billionaire Bad Boys series was something hard to do. We all loved those characters. But Max doesn’t let us down. Now we have Reed Luca and Lola Sexton. A perfectly, imperfect couple with a great look at life and relationships.

4.5 Witchy STARS

Reed Luca is probably one of the most unique leading males I have ever read. He is not all alpha, all the time. He is quirky and very original. He know what he wants, he knows how to get it…but it is the way he goes about getting that will keep you completely amused!
Lola, well Lola is a child like thirty something woman. No, there is nothing wrong with her, she is just kind of like Peter Pan and doesn’t want to grow up. From her roller skates to her unicorns. From Reeds status updates to his phone calls, these two are way outside the box and I LOVED them. There are no billionaires or virgins. There are no traditional relationship expectations. This books is truly as unique as it’s characters. 

One You Tube video, made when your feeling froggy and wanting to give your opinion cause you know what opinions are like….?

Viral…it went viral! Well that let these two together. It’s a hate thing….kinda…it’s LOL, lose yourself, find your inner Lola, grab your skates and unicorn shirt….because then it’s a love thing. It’s a opposites attract, flip the magnets over, clash of the titans world of wonderful. Reed will make you squirm with his James Dean looks and devil may care attitude, HOT, he is just hot. 

Throw away that “adulting” hat, join Reed and Lola in the land of “I don’t want to grow up”. 
This is just a great must read, stand alone!

Shari J. Ryan is such an amazing writer. She really knows how to pull the heart strings and make us fall deeply in love with her characters. Raine’s Haven is one of those epic type reads that will really stay with you.

4.5 Stars!!
She lives in lies. Watching the gorgeous man that cares for the lawn, wanting to live in his world, wanting to experience his life. It has to be better than hers, right? Stuck in a self imposed prison, Haven decides it time to live, to stop watching the world from her window.

Raine is fighting for the life, fighting for a better life. Willing to do whatever it takes just to keep his head above water. She’s taboo, he shouldn’t, but she is just to sweet to resist. She gives him hope…hope that the world really isn’t the sh*t storm he’s been living.
Another moving read from Shari. Complete with twists and destruction in just the way Mz. Ryan likes. She loves to toss us for a loop and we always, always need tissues but she leaves us with a smile. Raine’s Haven is amazing. I was right there with Raine and Haven, cheering…raging…feeling their pain. A book hangover may be on the horizon, I know it left one for me…but it is sooo worth it! 
Were you left on the edge of your seat wondering about Shane and Emily at the end of Hard Rules? Well part of your wait is over, the second installment is here. 
4 Stars of Wicked Corruption
Deceit and corruption are thriving in Brandon Enterpises and Shane is the good son, trying to do the right thing surrounded by a world of bad. Emily is his light, his escape from the corporate nightmare that has become his life. But Emily has secrets and troubles of her own. Will this company ever be on the up and up or will it always be tied up with strings that are illegal. Twisted families, secrets to discover and so very, very hot moments. Make this a hot read and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold for these two. Will they ever find a HEA where stress doesn’t live and life is just daisies and butterflies? Only time will tell who will get the final checkmate in the ultimate game of chess where your family are the pawns.











See the dark side of Penelope Douglas in Corrupt! A Witchy Recommended Read!


Bring your tissues and settle in Carnage and A Missing Heart will take you on a emotional journey!

Both are highly recommended Witchy Reads!




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