New Penelope Ward, Abbi Glines, Jay Crownover & so many more.. ALL had NEW Releases this week! See all the great NEW RELEASES & Sales. Witchy’s Weekend Review

WOW, WOW, WOW this was a great week for NEW! Plus some seriously amazing deals and steals! 

Join me while we take a look back this week beginning February 13th and ending February 18th 2017!

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My read of the week this week comes from the AMAZING Penelope Ward. Mack Daddy is an angst ridden, emotion ride through the lives of Mack and Frankie. It is full of building lust, fun, and love. Plus full of quirk and mayhem.

5 Witchy Stars…Just way more than you are expecting!

Angst and lust at it’s finest! OMG! I am not sure what I was expecting going into this but WOW! So much more than my expectations. 

Sometime that past can seriously bite you right in the ass!

Frankie is a first grade teacher, eccentric and wonderful. She is set in her world. 

Mack is that “what could have been”. You know that guy that enters your thoughts from time to time and makes you wonder if it could have been great. If maybe ‘the one’ did honestly get away. But it’s just passing thoughts cause your life is good and you are happy.

THIS is angst, and heat. Slow building lust. Should they? Could they? Will it ever work kind of angst. It will twist your emotions around it’s hand and give a hard loving tug. 

Pen’s trademark fun and flirty is here but so is her depth and heart. 
PTO just got soooo much hotter with Mack Daddy in the house! 
























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Thank you for taking a look back at the week with me! I hope it was a great one!

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