A Day in the Life of a Blogger ~ Inside look from the owner of Witchy Richey’s Booktastic Reviews

Hello! I did a Facebook post at the beginning of the year in regards to what a day in my life looks like. Of course the views were horrible so I thought I would give you an in depth look at what really goes on behind the scenes of blogging. I love, love what I do! I love meeting new authors, discovering new worlds. I love everything about books! I run Witchy Richey on my own. All books reviewed are by me. 

I am a disabled, mother of four. I still have two girls that live at home. I don’t work a full time job outside of the house during the day but I am a substitute teacher. The days I work my blogging comes right along with me and I fit it in when I have down time. 

So let’s take a look at an average day in the life of me.

4:00 AM –> Alarm sounds, out of bed I go. Coffee is a must before anything gets done. 

4:15 AM –> Scroll through all the new releases on Amazon, check sale sites, make a list of anything and everything I think you all will enjoy. Check post views for the previous day one last time to see what works and what don’t.

4:45 AM –> Grab IPad Pro and start the posting process for the day. Get an email ready with all the links for every book to be posted for the day.

5:00 AM –> Prepare the welcome post with all the new releases out for that particular day. Find a funny, witty type image to grab attention for the post. Schedule the rest of the facebook post for the day. Set up any blog posts for cover reveals, reviews, excerpt that need to be done and the corresponding FB post and twitter post. Try to post something on Instagram (still working on how IG is beneficial but I post anyway)

6:00 AM –> Wake up my daughters to get ready for school. Work between daughters and blog to get all the post done and girls out the door for school and get myself dresssed.

6:45 AM–> Head out the door to the gym to get my work out on. 

7AM – 10 AM –> workout for an hour, shower and head to McDonald’s for coffee with my group of workout friends.

10:30 AM –> Back home. Post anything else that I may not have had time to post in the morning. Check any and all messages that I have received through FB page and try to respond to all that request post. Check post views of any post that have posted already. 

12:00 PM –> Clean my house. Laundry, cleaning and daily duties. Answering any thing that comes through in that time. While taking a break I peruse Amazon for release for the next week. 

2:00 PM –> Sit down and finally have time to read. Begin or continue reading any ARC that are due soon. 

4:00 PM–> Daughter arrive home from school, begin the torture of homework. While preparing for supper and watching emails and posts. Or prepare for whatever sporting event we have going on that day. Volleyball, basketball, softball, cheerleading.

7:00 PM –> Able to relax and read a little bit more. Unless we are at a game then it is just checking facebook to make sure I haven’t missed something that you all would need to know. 

9:00 PM –> Head to bed

This is just an average day. Each day is a little different and the weekends are a whole different animal completely. Weekends are a challenge for finding anything to post. On Friday I prepare a weekend review blog post and a pre-order preview post. This take about 3 hours to get all the information plugged in. I deal with bitching from the hubs because I read while we watch movies, while we talk, squeezing in any reading time I can. I would read during sex if I could get away with it…LOL! I blog when I’m sick, I blog when I’m tired and just like you I get sucked into a book and I am up till the wee hours of the morning cause I just can’t stop. Then there are the times I have seriously over booked myself and I am reading just to complete my obligations.

You are probably asking yourself “why we do this”. I have met some of the best people on the planet since I started blogging 2 and half years ago. I can’t thank Heather Carver (fellow blogger at Carver’s Cravings) enough for introducing me to the blogging world and EL James for jump starting my love for reading again. 

Many of you pay have heard about the whole “bait clicking” thing, while I don’t practice this particular form of posting I totally understand the reasoning behind it. As Amazon Associate we make nothing. Pennies on every dollar spent. I do not blog to become rich. I do not blog to get free books. I blog because I want to share my love with you. If you find a book that you loved because of something I posted then I am over the moon happy! 

So talk to me, comment on my posts, share it. Any kind of interaction is wonderful! PLEASE click that “Like” button. It only takes a millisecond but it means the world to me. It keeps me in your loop. This is my book club. This is where I go to talk about the books I love. If you have contacted me and I haven’t gotten back to you know that I am just one woman. 

Hug a blogger today! Send some love to your favorite blog or blogs. Whether it is me or one of my fellow bloggers. WE are here for you. I don’t blog to get rich, I don’t blog for free books. I blog because I love it. I blog because maybe, just maybe I can introduce you to your next great read. As long as there are books, I will be here. 

Thank you for going on the ride with me! I love you all!

Cybill “Witchy” Richey 

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