Witchy’s Weekend Review ~ February 6th thru the 10th

February brought on the heat this week! 

Let’s take a look at all this GREATNESS!


This book really rocked my world! I hadn’t read any of Aly’s books up to this point. Jude and Rhion plus the love of all these hulking men really drew me in and hooked me. I am now a huge fan of Aly and this serious is my new addiction! I can’t wait to see the rest of their stories!


Amazing! Seriously phenomenal! This was my first Aly book and I am an instant fan. Rhion and Jude made me smile and swoon. 

I love Rhion! Her quirky behavior is addicting.  The other men of Guardian Protection ….I can’t wait to get there stories too. I see some serious hotness on the horizon. But that’s in the future right now Rhion and Jude need to rock your world! Rhion’s strength and security in herself is very empowering.

Fate is a fickle witch and she loves to twist and weave souls. 

Jude is so broken and damaged. Searching for his way back into the light, out of the dark. Rhion is such a role model, accepting herself as she is scars and all. These two steam up the pages with lust and healing. Second chances are meant to be taken. Healing comes in each other’s arms. When a romance writer once again finds her muse he may be more than she bargained for and with danger lurking Aly Martinez rocks these words! I couldn’t read it fast enough!



He’s on the fast track to the Heisman, she needs money and who wouldn’t want to pretend to be in love with the hottest man on campus? Ilsa gave us love and angst at it’s best this week!

4 Witchy Wonderful Stars

He’s on the fast track for the Heisman, she’s running from a past she just wants to forget. OMG! This books has it all. Off the charts chemistry, mild building angst, an awesome chick fight and a hot, hot quarterback that you just want to run your fingers through his hair. Plus some great friends and a feisty Granny!

She’s a woman in need and he is the man that needs positive PR. Pretend to be his for a few months…tons of perks…plus he’s HAWT….well where do I sign!

Ilsa weaves us a great lust filled tale of flirty fun. Fate is a funny fickle little witch.


Plus if you are in her reader group you will just LOVE Charlie! One kiss. One kiss and you will swoon and fall back in your seat for a great, great ride and never want to climb off.














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