Witchy’s Weekend Review 1/30 – 2/3

We said good-bye to January and hello to February this week!

Welcome to the Month of Loooove!!

I finished some AMAZING ARC’s this week that I can’t wait for you guys to get your grabby hands on!

Raine’s Haven by Shari J. Ryan will completely steal your heart! Coming February 22nd! You can add it to your TBR HERE–> http://bit.ly/2jgeivp

Below Deck by Tara Sivec…well the Queen has a great one coming to you in March!!! Add it to your TBR NOW –> http://bit.ly/2jw4P5Y

Singe by Aly Martinez, YOU GUYS….holy shit!!! An amazingly fun, emotional read Aaand it is coming Monday 2/6! Add to your TBR –> http://bit.ly/2judG82

Currently I am reading Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills and I AM IN LOVE!!! This is another one you can get your hands on Monday! Add to your TBR –> http://bit.ly/2kN0dcN

Make sure you are on the look out for these! I will get you the links as soon as they go LIVE!


Gina L. Maxwell gave us Roman “Ruthless” Reeves this week and if you haven’t let him make you squirm yet you are seriously missing out! He is a tattooed, pierced (in all the right places) hottie who can rock a business suit, tie you to the bed and shake his money maker with P4H! Awesomeness RIGHT HERE!

I would give it more than 5 Witchy Stars if I could…yep…it’s that good!

Now any that know me, know that I am not a fan of ménage books…. now that being said THIS is the exception to that preference! Gina L. Maxwell does a phenomenal job of the three way proclivity… Roman “Ruthless” Reeves is the hottest lawyer/stripper on the planet…he is tatted, pierced (in all the right places), with black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes (my favorite combo) and THIS book is sooo damn hot it will make you squirm! 

Gina made ménage a hot, hot adventure! But it’s not about the three….it’s about two people who just can’t resist each other! A strong leading lady, a hot, hot alpha male and an explosive combination! An erotic and salacious read with a great story!

These Playboys For Hire have definitely heated up my sex life! Gina has this amazing ability to give us men to make us squirm in our seats and require a panty change! Thunder Down Under….WHO!!!??

I finally had time this week to read Preppy 2….ACK!!! There’s a part 3…holy cliff hanger batman! But it is oh so worth it just to have another piece of the story! I love these characters! The Evil Ginger grabs us again with this EPIC read!

5 Witchy Stars….like I could give any less…I would actually give it more!

Why? Why did I not know there was going to be a part three…ack!!!
Such great reading, I was hooked. I loved looking at Dru’s life and Prep’s fight against the dark. I am really thinking these guys need to move to a different town where they could be a little safer. But alas then we wouldn’t have a great story to read. This is Samuel’s road out of the hole, the darkness where he was kept and back into the land of the living where the world is too bright and loud. It is heartbreaking and raw just how we like our Evil Ginger books. I can’t wait to see what part 3 holds!

Preppy’s trek into the sun is so hard, so emotionally wrecking. These men are not hero’s, they are really not even the good guys….but they are a family and the harsh light of day is sometimes more than you can take!












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