Witchy’s Weekend Review January 16th through January 21st



So many great books came out this week! Let’s take a look at all the NEW BBF you can find and all the different lives to explore!



Vi Keeland is the queen of addiction reading. Her books are solid “crack”! This week she gave us our next fix and our newest BBF with Drew Jagger! EGOmaniac is one amazing book!

4.5 Stars

A very titillating journey. The character dynamics are off the charts. Vi is truly a genius at giving us a man we can love. His huge…EGO…will have you squirming in your seat. His devotion and watching his ice melt is very fulfilling. Flash backs give us a look at the past. At Drew’s past. His job is dealing with the destruction of divorce. Separating the pieces. Her job is trying to save the pieces and put the puzzle back together. Emerie is such a sweet leading lady. Her optimism and heart are inspiring. 

Drew’s dedication. His heart. The little man that holds his soul. There are some lovely “awe” moments. Then there are the moment where his dirty mouth will leave you squirming. He is everything you could want in a man. A little of every trait with just enough fallibility to love.

I have such a huge woman crush on everything that Vi has written. She has such a unique way of roping you into a story from the turn of the first page. Heck most of the time her covers alone are the hook, the blurb the line and the teasers the sinker. I always become completely engulfed in her stories. I get completely giddy when I know one is coming. 

As a Mom of a daughter without a Dad this book melted my heart. Drew really will make you swoon. You can literally check all your great read boxes with this one!
Mild but great angst
Swoony love
Alpha male dirty talk
Witty banter
Sweet, quirky leading lady
A story in a story with flash backs
Sex that will blow your circuits
Smile till your face hurts

See all boxes checked. A great read to add to your favorites for 2017!


If you have lost yourself in Aleatha Romig’s Infidelity Series than you don’t want to miss out on the finale to Nox and Charli’s tale, Fidelity. Such an epic ending to one of the best Romantic Series on the market!


OMG! Aleatha tied this series up in perfect fashion. She even gave us epilogues to satisfy every question we could have. This is an absolute perfect end to this series. Plus I was humming my own little ditty from the Wizard of Oz toward the end. A little inside joke that you will completely understand once you reach it.

Alton and Bryce hit their all time dastardly low and seriously need to meet some Karmic justice. So much angsty wonderfulness. These two really feed your hate quota for the day. 

Have you ever listen to the song “The Night the Lights went out in Georgia”? Well you could seriously listen to it as a sound track for this read. 

Money, power, deceit and destruction in the affluent world of Deep South Georgia. This series is like stepping back into the day of Gone With the Wind only the minds are way more twisted and the corruption on a epic scale with modern twitches. I usually steer clear of long series because I always hate waiting for the next book. But this series was so worth the wait. The twists and exchanges at every turn. The push and pull. The absolute evil that lurks with in this family. The archaic practices enforced in the infamous last will and testament. Nox seriously is the bad boy that deserves the cape and the late night signal. For Charli he is the hero. By the end you will feel very satisfied. Each of these books kept you going. Each led to the next. Each left you guessing and hating …..until this one. It’s a true gift to keep a series going for 5 solid books and not let the reader down. Mz. Romig kept this one going in supreme fashion. GAH! I love the way this ended. If you are into this series I am sure you will agree that this ending was positively EPIC!

Just an outstanding ending to an amazing angst, mystery driven series from an amazing writer. 



I am such a hard core fan of everything Fall Away Series related and Penelope Douglas is one of my absolute favorite authors.  Next to Never is an amazing look at the past. Done in such a unique way that this novella will keep you enthralled.


Straight up amazing! Best novella I have ever read! There is so much here it feels like a full novel! Penelope presents us with the past in such a uniquely refreshing way! I LOVED IT! Genius….absolute GENIUS! My only small complaint is I couldn’t remember who’s kid was whose so you you may want to freshen up on your Bully adult families. I seriously can’t wait to read the next stories! I’m keeping this short and sweet and just saying that if you LOVED Bully and all it’s tales then you will LOVE this! Oh my gawd it was AMAZING! 





I fell so in love with Logan and Banner in Real Good Man by Meghan March. The wonderful duet conclusion was so great! Logan is such an alpha southern lovin’ hottie. A seriously great binge reading duet!


Honey my buns and crumble my biscuit…Logan can look under my hood anytime!

Ooooh, holy hot southern loving and vibrator races. Finally a duet conclusion that does not disappoint. Logan and Banner continue where they left off. There is a mystery to solve. Plus some small town drama to handle. You really have to be careful who you accuse of being inbred….as Banner finds out the hard way. 
I love this story. I love Logan. He is so very alpha mixed with the down home boy next door all wrapped up in a former military man. Add in Banner…the big city girl who takes what she wants and has a sharp tongue to match and this small town hasn’t seen anything yet. 

A very fun, witty read that will have you guessing about what is going on and of course the hottest sex imaginable. Are you ready for a trip to Brown Town…make sure you grab the lube!

I am a new fan to Meghan’s work but it seems that each book I have grabbed has been superb. Her writing is seriously addicting and her ability to lead me to my next book with her series is amazing! I have to say that this duet will make my top of 2017. It is just so much fun with just the right recipe for everything a great set should be. 


I took my first adventure into the Badd Brothers with Zane Badd in Jasinda Wilder’s Badd Ass and wowza…these are some seriously hot brothers and I think I may be hooked! 

4.5 STARS of HOT!!

OMG! This is my first adventure with the Badd Brothers and I am in love! Zane Badd is a mountain of a man and really the complete package…and boy is he sporting a package! Former Navy Seal, Rippled from head to toe..arm porn, ab porn, butt porn…just his whole body is perfection. He is so much more than just a hot piece, he has layers and loyalty that make him so perfect.

Mara is strong and independent. A woman who knows what she wants and has survived all life has thrown. She’s not afraid to walk away…its what she prefers..but sometimes the “yum” factor is just too tempting to have again. Especially when it’s standing naked, at attention..right in front of you and it is the most beautiful erect thing you have ever seen!

One week is what they had to pretend…to try their hand at a practice relationship…two people dead set against strings trying something new. It is heat and some seriously hot sex right from the turn of the page. The chemistry between Mara and Zane is off the charts! 

But seriously I can’t wait to read Xavier’s story, his quirky personality is one that I fell in love with. I love me a geeky hotty! I think I may love these men! 














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