Getting Off by Katherine Stevens ~ Release Blitz w/ Review

Thanksgiving may never be the same again!

Cici and Cole are back!

Getting Off 

By Katherine Stevens

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4 Stars of FUN and Frolic!
This family is positively certifiably bat shit nuts and absolutely crazy, quirky fun! 
I am certain their elevators do not go all the way to the top. Sooo much fun and mishap. 
Thanksgiving may never be the same but it will surly be a great one to remember. 
If you read Going Down then this is a novella you don’t want to miss out on. An odd and unorthodox game of trivial pursuit, a contagious disease and some spanish porn and you have Thanksgiving with the Danver’s family. You will laugh, you may cry from laughing and you will still love Cici and Cole. This is one family get together that you could sell tickets to. Pull up a chair and grab some candy cause it’s still sexy with a whole lot of fun. Oh and did I mention the the foul mouthed toddler, yeah she’s here too. “A game board was set up on the coffee table when I returned. “Cici, do you feel like a game of Trivial Pursuit?” George asked.” — You have never seen a game like this!
Katherine’s writing reminds me of one of my favorite authors. If you love Tara Sivec’s craziness then you will love this.
“He pulled out the first card, rubbed his eyes, and read the question to Felicity. “In what yoke did Montezuma realize Material Goats?” Huh? I looked around the room to see if I was the only one hearing things, but all the furrowed brows and slanted lips told me I was not alone. Felicity shook her head. “I don’t understand the question, Dad. Can you read it again in English?” George rubbed his red eyes and pulled the card closer to his face. “In what… yo-yo did… Mephistopheles redact… Maternal Goals?” He rubbed his eyes again and glanced back at the card. “Yeah, that’s it.” I cleaned out both of my ears for good measure.” -> Caution you may laugh yourself right out of your chair!


A recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster: 

Add 1 cup of contagious disease

2 cups of secrets

Stir in too much family togetherness

Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing

Heat at 350 degrees

A year after Going Down, Cole and Cici are still crazy about each other. Despite their relationship no longer being a secret, they can’t seem to catch a break. All Cici wanted was one perfect holiday, and all Cole wanted was dibs on some cranberry sauce. 

As usual, Cici has a carefully laid out plan. And as usual, the universe has a different—more hilarious—plan. Will Cici be able to give up her idea of perfection and go with the flow? 

Sometimes letting go is the secret to getting off.

If you haven’t met Cici and Cole yet then YOU must!!

Grab some laughs now with Going Down

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When Katherine Stevens isn’t writing, she can usually be found opening juice boxes and looking for lost shoes. Her kids keep her quite busy and always zig-zagging across the line of sanity. She is a lifelong Texan with a terrible sense of direction and even worse memory. She thinks life is entirely too hard if you don’t laugh your way through it.

As a child, she dreamed of being the most sarcastic astronaut in history, but her poor math skills and aversion to dehydrated food kept her out of the space program. Now she writes to pass the time until NASA lowers their standards. Your move, NASA.




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