The Opposite of Ordinary by Jessica Sorensen ~ Review

5 Stars Of YA angsty fun!
The definition of book hangover is one that keeps you up all night reading…this was that book. Being a reader and reviewer of contemporary romance I love jumping into a YA and just losing myself in the teenage angst and drama. When Ashlynn is knocked off her popular perch her world comes crashing down. Kind of a “Cruel Intentions” vibe. Where the queen bitch of the school makes your life a living, breathing hell because you have gotten on her bad side. True friendship is the lesson that is learned. 
Sweet and fun with lots of teenage BS, just the way I love my YA books. Once I started I could not put it down. Maxon is such a innocent, wonderful boy…the boy you want your daughter to find. Clove is a great supporting friend with his funny wit and energy, he is that guy you want to be friends with. 
I loved there was no excessive drug use or drinking, no steaming sex. Just a lot of vindictiveness and all around great reading. Once you dive in you will not climb out until the very end. 
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