COVER REVEAL ~ Getting Off by Katherine Stevens

Getting Off

by Katherine Stevens

Book 1.5 in The Elevator Series

Coming October 30, 2016

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A recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster: 

                Add 1 cup of contagious disease

                2 cups of secrets

                Stir in too much family togetherness

                Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing

                Heat at 350 degrees

A year after Going Down, Cole and Cici are still crazy about each other. Despite their relationship no longer being a secret, they can’t seem to catch a break. All Cici wanted was one perfect holiday, and all Cole wanted was dibs on some cranberry sauce. 

As usual, Cici has a carefully laid out plan. And as usual, the universe has a different—more hilarious—plan. Will Cici be able to give up her idea of perfection and go with the flow? 


Sometimes letting go is the secret to getting off.




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