Stolen Memories by Alyson Reynolds ~ Blog Tour w/ Excerpt, Review and Giveaway



Stolen Memories
Alyson Reynolds

Release Date: July 12, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Megan Douglas finds herself about to marry a man she hates, she
calls her best friend to save her. Hunter Abbott would move mountains to
make sure that Megan gets the happy ending she deserves, but when he
finds out her father is trying to blackmail her into a loveless
marriage, he decides that there is only one option to keep her safe —
to marry her first. The fringe benefits of a marriage of convenience to a
billionaire can’t be that bad can they?

Megan can’t remember how she ended up where she is, but now all she
wants to do is find her sister and figure out how she fell head over
heels for her best friend. Everything is falling apart around her, and
now she has to figure out to handle the future. Is being Mrs. Hunter
Abbott really such a hardship? Having a sexy, billionaire husband can’t
be all that bad, especially if he can help save her sister from a fate
worse than death.

Can Megan and Hunter manage turning from friends to lovers and
actually live happily ever after? Or will their marriage be over before
it even gets started?

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“I will never be too busy for you. I know we’re still trying to figure out this marriage thing, but we do it together. If you’re worried about some girl that works for me, tell me and I’ll get rid of her or transfer her. Don’t just let it work you up. It’s not good for you or the baby.” He pulled me in tight against his chest and I wrapped my arms around him. “Are you ready for your Christmas present?”

I perked up. “But its two days early.”

“Who cares? I want to give it to you now. I’m impatient.”

I snorted a laugh. “That’s an understatement.” He pretended to glare down at me, and I stifled a giggle. “I’m sorry. I would love for you to give me my present.”

He stared down at the box he had put down when I had started my fit. “Do I get my present too?” He was just like a child.

I smiled. “Yes, but I want mine first. Cheer me up.”

He laughed and took my hand in his.

“Fine. I’m so damn enamored with you; I’ll give you anything you want. Just name it, anything you want.” He looked at me seriously for a second, making my heart race in my chest. “I love you so much, Megan. You’ve changed me completely.”

He kissed me quickly and stood up. I watched as he walked over to his briefcase and pulled out a small envelope. As he handed me the package, vulnerability showed in his eyes briefly. My fingers shook as I carefully opened it.


*If you want to read the rest of the bonus scene, be sure to visit the other tour hosts!*


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This would make a hot little beach read. Perfect for curling your toes in the sand and keeping you on the edge of your beach chair. Right from the start your thrown in to an escaping bride. Filled with drama and heat it will keep you turning the pages. Friends to lovers to so much more. Just a great quick read.


Enter to win a copy of one of Alyson’s other books. One Lucky winner will be chosen at the end of tour week!
To enter, all you need to do is preorder/buy Stolen Memories THIS week and comment with proof of your order confirmation on this post:

About the Author:

Romance writer. Wife. Mother of two. Avid reader. Queen of multitasking.
from the south, Alyson likes to incorporate what she knows into her
books. She’s lived not only on the east coast, but the west coast and a
few places in between. Alyson loves sharing stories about her crazy
family to anyone who will listen. Her guilty pleasures consist of
coffee, country music, brunch, breaking the rules, and pedicures. And
she will always be a daddy’s girl.

When Alyson isn’t chasing
around her two kiddos, she’s normally writing. Or reading. Her Kindle
library is out of control. Alyson writes mainly contemporary novels and
novellas with a bit of new adult mixed in. 


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