How My Review Scale Works




I would consider myself a harsh reviewer. It takes a spectacular book to get 5 Stars.



The book is phenomenal, I would read it over and over again. It made me laugh, it made me want to cry, it pulled emotions that I didn’t even know I had. If a book can emotionally move my ice cold heart than it deserves more than 5 Stars. A book that will stick with me no matter what and quickly be moved to my favorite category on my kindle app.


The book is great, an absolute must read. There may have been something glitch between me and the characters but that doesn’t mean it will affect your enjoyment of the book. 4 Stars is a book that I would recommend to friends.


The book is good. Good writing, good plot, good characters. A book that I may or may not read again, but I enjoyed it while I read it and would recommend to someone who likes similar books. This one just may have not flipped my switch but I am not the populous and you may enjoy what I did not.


I will at no point give anything less than 3 Stars. I do not read to bash authors hard work. If I can not finish a book or I really am not feeling it I will contact the author and let them know that this was not the book for me. I LOVE books. I LOVE to read and find an different world in a book. I am not blogging to demolish someone’s dream. Just because I did not like a book does not mean that thousands of others would not love the same book that I read. 

I do give 1/2 stars in between the levels if the book was just above a 3 or 4 I will give it the 1/2 which bumps it up to the next level. On a rare occasion a book will blow me away and I will rate it above 5 STARS anything above is out of this world and something that no one should miss.

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